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Why A Mets, Jose Reyes Reunion Makes Sense

Jose Reyes

Sept. 25, 2011; Queens, NY, USA; The Phildelphia Phillies beat the New York Mets, 9-4, in a Major League Baseball game at Citi Field in the Queens borough of New York City. Credit: Danny Wild/MLB.com
Will we see Jose Reyes back in a Mets uniform? (Danny Wild/MLB.com)

Back in 2011 Jose Reyes found a way to make the Mets relevant in the city of New York as the rival Yankees were dominating the big apple. Reyes stroked a .337 average in his final season with the Mets as they were unable to retain him from the Miami Marlins who payed him rather handsomely. Five years later it’s the Mets who rule New York with a chance to really take over the city as the rival Yankees are headed in a serious downward spiral. After a World Series appearance in 2015, the Mets find themselves in a sticky situation if they plan on returning to the World Series in 2016. With the Cubs having a historic season, The Giants returning to form out west, and the Nationals giving New York a serious run at the division makes this future decision making crucial for Met fans. With a lack of infield depth the Mets have to ask themselves a serious question. Does the recently designated Jose Reyes make sense for the New York Mets?

For starters the Mets are facing serious injury concerns, sooner or later something has to be done. Third baseman David Wright will likely be out for an extended stretch due to a herniated disk in his neck (trust me those are painful I’ve been there). The same can be said of first baseman Lucas Duda who is suffering from a stress fracture in his lower back (Again I feel your pain Duda, been there). For the interim the Mets have traded for Kelly Johnson and James Loney, but can they really be trusted come playoff time? Loney is currently hitting .279 in 68 plate appearances and figures to be good enough until Duda returns. As for Johnson it appears the Mets would prefer to make him a super utility player who can player virtually every position on the diamond. For now that leaves Wilmer Flores as the everyday third baseman who has only hit a meager .241 on the season. Injuries aside something needs to be done as the Mets currently rank 28th in total offense. Could Jose Reyes be the man to spark the anemic Mets offense just as he did in 2011?

For defensive purposes Reyes figures to either slide in at 2nd or short as he has played a vast majority of his playing career at shortstop. This would move either Neil Walker or Asdrubel Cabrera to third base. Then again Met fans can vaguely remember the nightmare fielding days of Kazuo Matsui so this hypothetical could have the chance to not work out. Of course the Mets would only need to pay him the prorated minimum contract after being released by the Rockies so it would be worth the risk. The Mets could theoretically trade for a third baseman but the cost of doing so would likely mean they would have to part with Zack Wheeler. The fact is there just are not many options on the trade market and signing a mysterious player such as Yulieski Gourriel from Cuba who would cost a heck of a lot more. The smart thing to do would be to bring in Jose Reyes but what could we expect from him in his 2nd go around in a Mets uniform?

For starters Jose Reyes hasn’t played a game this season after being suspended 52 games because of domestic violence incident. This would likely means he would need some minor league at bats to get ready for major league pitching. From a hitting perspective Reyes still has something left in that bat as evidence of his 2015 season prior to the Troy Tulowitzki trade. Reyes hit .285 with an OBP of .325 which would be a nice upgrade from the incumbent Wilmer Flores. He also stole 24 bases in only 116 games last season. That speed element could be crucial for the Mets bench who could use him as simply a pinch runner in days where Reyes does not start. That roster spot is currently being used by Matt Reynolds who offers virtually no speed. Mets fans know all to often that those 2-1 games they are playing in everyday could be shifted with something as simple as Jose Reyes’ much needed speed. In my opinion a Mets, Jose Reyes reunion makes to much sense for the relative cost of doing business.

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