Aaron Rodgers
(Rick Wood/Milwaukee Sentinel)

The 2014 season is coming to an end and the race for this years MVP is not a foregone conclusion. Texans superstar J.J. Watt and Cowboys runningback are likely to recieve defensive and offensive players of the year, while also being in the running for MVP. A case for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski can be made but A non quarterback hasn’t wont the award since Ladanian Tomlinson back in 2006. Tomlinson also broke the single season record for rushing touchdowns that season making his MVP case a no brainer.

The favorite so far has to be Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers has led the cheese heads to a 10-4 record while posting a touchdown to interception ratio of 35-5. Aaron is also posting a current QBR of 81.1 out of 100. Another possible candidate is Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. The former Stanford grad is the leader in passing yards (4,492) and touchdowns (38). The true MVP of the year may actually be Cowboys offensive tackle Tyron Smith. Smith has yet to allow a sack and is the anchor in the leading rushing attack in the league. The Dallas offensive line has much to do with the success Dallas has sustained thus far.

Other note worthy awards that are considered to be locks include

Coach of the year: Bruce Arians – Arizona Cardinals

Rookies of the year – Sammy Watkins – Buffalo Bills, C.J. Mosley – Baltimore Ravens

Comeback Player of the year – Julio Jones or Rob Gronkowski