Justin Fields
(John Bazemore/Associated Press)

With the upcoming NFL Draft, the argument of quarterback rankings is at full steam. However, many believed that the top 5 were at a solid consensus. If you couldn’t figure out those 5, it’s Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, Mac Jones. Of course, in no particular order. However, it turns out that not everyone has that idea. According to Gil Brandt, some NFL teams see Justin Fields as only a 4th round talent, and whoever thought that needs to be fired.

This is obviously ridiculous. Most if not all media sights have him ranked as either the second or third best QB in this draft. In our very own QB rankings, we had Justin Fields at number two. In his college career Fields had a total of 86 TDs and only 9 interceptions. All of that in three years, including a shortened year ruined by COVID. Not only that Fields led the Ohio State Buckeyes to the CFB playoffs every year that he started. More impressively he beat projected number one overall pick, Trevor Lawrence, in the semifinals 49 to 28.

Justin Fields’ stock value may have fallen some, due to the rise of Zach Wilson, and the hype surrounding Trey Lance. However, all that does is push Fields to QB4. The scouting department that gave Justin Fields a 4th round grade should be found, hunted down and fired. Some people may not like Fields, but you can not deny his talent and athleticism. Justin Fields is 100% too good to be a day 3 pick. And that scouting department is 100% too unqualified for their jobs.



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