Jake Kumerow
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The “Who The Fuck is That Guy” series continues! “Who The Fuck is That Guy” is how we end every episode of the Vendetta Sports Fantasy Show on our Youtube Channel. Everyone on the show gives a random player. Someone that nobody knows about, nobody will ever draft. Yet somehow, someway they will win you your fantasy league. Today we’re looking at Jake Kumerow, wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers and Alex’s pick in episode 2.

Background Information

The 28 year old wide receiver was signed by the Bengals as an undrafted free agent in 2015 out of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He was with the Bengals from 2015-2017. Hardly had a cup of coffee with the New England Patriots before signing with Green Bay in 2017. His first NFL reception was with the Packers in 2018, he finished that year with 8 catches for 103 yards and 1 Touchdown. Kumerow is a big body wide receiver at 6’4 and 209 pounds.

Fantasy Flashes

Although Kumerow only has 20 career catches, he has shown flashes of solid fantasy production. In week 7 of the 2019 season he had 2 catches for 54 yards and a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders. That totals 13.4 points in PPR and 11.4 in standard leagues. The week after he had 2 catches for 48 yards against the Kansas City Chiefs, totaling to 6.8 points in PPR and 4.8 in standard leagues. The potential is there, he makes big plays. In the span of those 2 games he averaged 25.5 yards per reception. He averages 16.6 yards per reception for his career. He makes splash plays, he just needs the volume in targets and receptions. It’s up to Aaron Rodgers to deliver.

(Per NFL.com)

Fantasy Potential

Like I said before, we’ve seen big games with minimal catches and targets. Green Bay has nobody outside of Devante Adams, literally no one. Jake Kumerow is a proven big play maker, he can easily beat out Devin Funchess and Allen Lazard to become the number 2 wide receiver. If Kumerow gets the targets a number 2 wide receiver gets, he will be productive, he will be consistent and he will get you points every single week.

Path to Playing Time

Like I said before, Green Bay has nothing at wide receiver outside of Devante Adams. The signing of Devin Funchess is not inspiring at all. He stunk last year with the Colts and the NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league. The 2020 NFL Draft had a loaded receiver class. The Packers did not draft a single wide receiver.

Jake Kumerow just has to be decent. He needs to be better than Allen Lazard OR Devin Funchess to become a starting wide receiver. Those are some of the easier wide receivers to beat out for a starting job. His big play ability and what he’s done with so few targets is amazing. Imagine if he actually got the type of targets that even a wide receiver 3 gets. That kind of production is what Green Bay NEEDS. Don’t be surprised at all if you see some guy named Kumerow line up and catch a 50 yard bomb from Aaron Rodgers.

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