What’s the secret behind the recent Eagles success? Howie Roseman gave us the answer #FlyEaglesFly (Bill Streicher/AP Photo)

Howie Roseman has been one of the best general managers in the NFL for a long time. He finds cap space out of nowhere and drafts really well. He even has the balls to get trades down like moving up for Carson Wentz. The Eagles have become one of the better run franchises in the league and their Super Bowl championship in 2018 only proves that. Apparently, Roseman has had a little help.

Roseman claims that he consults the Eagles Sports Science department on every single decision that he makes:

“We use this now for everything we do,” Roseman said of sports science, via ESPN. “Before we sign a free agent, we’ll have our sports scientists look at how the gait is of this player to see if there’s anything that may give us a heads-up on a decline. We’ll have them go to the Combine and separately look at guys. For us, we want to have as many parallel paths as possible where we’re all reaching the head and being able to make a decision. So we’re not getting the same redundant information; we’re getting information from different sources, putting it in a pot and coming out with a good outcome.”

One such example was Alshon Jeffery who the Eagles signed to a one-year contract in 2017. He was then given a 4-year, $52 million extension the following year. Owner Jeffery Lurie was apparently hesitant to hand out the money for Alshon but Howie convinced him with the Sports Science data. The Eagles have also been one of the more aggressive teams on 4th down and the dividends pay off more often than not.

Smart teams continue to get smarter with the more information that becomes available. That means dumb teams keep getting dumber. Credit to the Eagles for being one of the smart ones.