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Credit: WWE

What Is A WarGames Match?

Credit: WWE

What Is A WarGames Match?

WarGames is one of the oldest match stipulations in wrestling history. What started years, disappeared, and then was reborn, was a match that is simply like none other. Now, WarGames has been combined with Survivor Series creating one of the most intriguing premium live events in WWE today. A match that you simply need to watch to fully understand just how dangerous and chaotic it is. Since WWE Survivor Series WarGames is approaching, let’s go over exactly what a WarGames match is.

The Origin

The idea was conceptualized by professional wrestling legend, Dusty Rhodes. The match is so brutal that it was only done once a year for NWA and then adopted by WCW. The match debuted in 1987 under the Jim Crockett Promotion. Jim Crockett Promotion was bought and turned into WCW, so WCW made it an annual match. it was put on an annual basis but then died out when WCW started to lose momentum. A lot of classic rivalries were settled in the match and no one left the cage the same as they entered. Careers were shortened and lives were threatened. The match would get picked up by WWE and used in NXT for a few years. Now the match is being used for WWE and the top stars are putting their careers on the line to settle their beef.

How It Works

Typically, there are four wrestlers for each team, but WWE combined it with Survivor Series, so now there are five members for each team. There are two rings next to each other and both are enclosed by one cage. So two members of each team start the match and after five minutes, one member from one team will enter. Furthermore, there is a match prior to the event that determines who gets the advantage of having their team enter first because it turns into a 2-on-1 scenario. So team members alternate entering the match every five minutes. But the match doesn’t officially start until all members of both teams enter the match. The only way to win is by scoring a pinfall or submission. There are no rules in this match, which is what makes it very dangerous. No one leaves WarGames the same as when they enter.




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