DeSean Jackson
Welcome home, DeSean Jackson (Bill Streicher/USA Today Sports)

From the time DeSean Jackson was drafted out of Cal with the 49th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft I have been a huge fan. The way he played in college was nothing short of electric and the way that he carried himself on the field was nothing short of Deion esq. He is one of the greatest receivers to ever play for the Birds and if don’t believe me then you need to reevaluate what you consider a Philadelphia great. I mean do I have to remind you about the Monday night game against Washington? Or how about the Miracle at the Meadowlands II. Many times in past articles I mentioned that it takes a special type of person to play in Philadelphia. Well, DeSean was born to play in Philly.

In his return to the City of Brotherly Love DeSean completely torched the Deadskins from start to finish. It started with a reception for a first down in the first drive against cornerback Quinton Dunbar that lead to the inevitable shit talking between the two. On the next play, Dunbar took a cheap shot at Jackson, and the man did not back down. Although it resulted in a 15 yard penalty Jackson went right at Dunbar and didn’t back down against that little bitch. A true Philly move by the Philly boy.

While the Birds were down 17-0 after the first quarter it didn’t take long for Jackson to light a fire underneath the Eagles offense. Jackson did what he did best and scored the Eagles first points with a 50+ yard bomb from Carson Wentz. It was something that I had been dreaming of for months now. DeSean didn’t stop there. He continued to carve up the Redskins defense with a 10 yard reception here and a 5 yard pick up there. It was a thing of beauty. DeSean then completely smoked Washington’s defense again for yet another 50 yard touchdown from Wentz. Honestly, Desean is still one of the fastest players in the league so this is something that defenses will have to plan for. I think you run a DeSean fade to the end zone at least three times a game and it will work at least once. Jackson finished todays game with 8 receptions for 154 yards and 2 touchdowns. A HELL of a day!

Welcome home DeSean. I really missed having you on the team. If it wasn’t for Chip Kelly, I don’t think that you would have ever left. You would have never had to deal with playing with Kirk Cousins, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Jameis Winston. I am so truly sorry that you had to go through that. On the bright side though we got a win today. You are the reason we were able to come back from 17-0 and just shit on Washington’s dreams. Thank you DJacks. Eagles are 1-0 and Don Chach is out!