Waiver Wire
Fantasy football waiver wire columns always make me laugh. Fantasy “experts” should be embarrassed about the content they put out.

One of the goals here at Vendetta that I have is to reshape the way people think about fantasy football. Nothing is more comical than waiver wire columns fantasy experts put out.

ESPN’s product truly is trash. Everything they do is catered around the 10-year-old fantasy player. Field Yates’ column truly is worthless. ESPN always brings up players on the waiver wire column that would never be available in a real league.

It’s Week 9 of the NFL season. In no real league is JK Dobbins available. Nevertheless, Yates leads his column about how you should add Dobbins:

J.K. Dobbins, RB, Baltimore Ravens (47.3%): Dobbins fell below 50% rostership after a slow start to his career amid a three-man committee. With Mark Ingram II out for Week 8 (and possibly Week 9), Dobbins had his best performance of his rookie season with 15 carries for 113 yards. While Gus Edwards will unquestionably still have a role going forward, Dobbins passes the eye test as the clear-cut most talented Ravens running back, and it wouldn’t stun me if he maintains a larger role for the team going forward. He is the top add of the week.”

As a reader, the second you see Dobbins included here, you exit out of the post. ESPN’s fantasy content is genuinely so bad. If JK Dobbins is available in your fantasy league, I assume you just got out of the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese.

ESPN is laying off 300 employees for a reason. They can’t afford people anymore because this is the product they put out there. It’s not just ESPN. It’s every fantasy outlet.

Let me show you what a real waiver wire looks like:

Waiver Wire

These are the top 26 available players on my waiver wire. Go ahead and build a column out of this. This is what a big boy waiver wire looks like. When your waiver wire column looks like this, then talk to me.