Vince Carter
Vince Carter didn’t take too long to find another job after retiring from the NBA. He has signed a deal with ESPN as a studio analyst.

Vince Carter played in the NBA forever. 24 years, 7 teams, and 3 different decades later, Cater has finally called it quits. Vinsanity isn’t moving too far away from the game and it didn’t take him too long to find another job. Vince Carter will join ESPN as an NBA analyst.

Andrew Marchand of The New York Post was the first to report the news:

“Vinsanity is coming to ESPN full-time, The Post has learned.

Future Hall of Famer Vince Carter is joining ESPN as an analyst, according to sources. Carter, 43, has long had designs on becoming an analyst and was looked upon as a top broadcasting free agent once he finished playing.

Carter has a very outgoing personality and smile fit for TV. How he is utilized will probably determine how good he will be as he doesn’t plan to cause waves with his commentary, but could prove to be informative.”

Carter has made media appearances in the past even while he was still playing. Carter has been on TNT, ESPN, and FOX Sports. He also has his own podcast called ‘Winging It With Vince Carter’ on The Ringer. I doubt he continues that after signing a deal with ESPN full time.

The best part of Carter’s quote was this next one. It was a ricochet shot at the clown, Stephen A Smith. Carter has no desire to be side show Bob like Stephen A. Carter wants to educate viewers and bring knowledge day in and day out.

“I wouldn’t go (the) Stephen A. (Smith) route,” Carter previously told The New York Post. “I wouldn’t go the quiet route. … I want to explain the game where you are watching it and say, ‘Ah, that makes sense.’”

Even the people that work for ESPN are now acknowledging that Stephen A Smith is a total joke that nobody takes seriously.