Vendetta University
(Maximum Football)

This was one of those games that were over at halftime; no such thing as a mercy rule for head coach Law and Vendetta University, as VU knocked off Miami, 64-20.

Vendetta’s offense scored early and often, as quarterback Karl Heiser went a perfect 7-7 for 254 yards in the first half. Vendetta University had 308 net yards at halftime and showed no signs of slowing down as they held a 28-14 lead against Miami.

The protection issues that marred VU’s first two victories started to become a memory of the past. Overall consistent offensive line play kept Heiser fairly clear, as he was able to get the ball out quicker and use his legs to make big plays, including a rushing touchdown. The only area that Vendetta University didn’t dominate in was time of possession.

Coach Law kept his post game statement brief after the blowout:

Not much to say about this game. We went out there with a game plan and executed it. There’s never such thing as a clean game, and the first half is an example of just that. We made some small adjustments at the half, and they proved a world of difference. I’ll end with this; these boys deserve to be ranked by the committee. They’ve played well outside of the conference, and I have the utmost confidence in them to continue when we begin playing conference opponents. They deserve national recognition.

After back-to-back blowout victories, there was an obvious expectation that Vendetta University would find a way to crack the top-25 schools in the nation.

As a new program that consists mainly of walk-ons, they’re making a strong statement. Week 1 against Virginia Tech had some issues, primarily in pass protection. Week 2 against the Pittsburg Panthers proved that the offense and defense were figuring things out, even having Trey Daubert play both sides of the ball to give the team a spark. If VU continues to play this way, the committee will have no choice but to put them in the Top-25.