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2022 NFL Power Rankings

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Vendetta Sports Media October 2022 NFL Power Rankings

2022 NFL Power Rankings
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Vendetta Sports Media October 2022 NFL Power Rankings

After about a month, we are returning with our 2022 NFL Power Rankings October edition! There’s a lot of movement after September. This time, we have six of our staff giving their input to ultimately decide where each and every NFL team ranks in our official Vendetta Sports Media Power Rankings!

32. Houston Texans (Scott 31, Alex 29, James 32, Trey 32, Matt 32, Chad 32. Average: 31.33) Change: 0

The Houston Texans are the only team that has not moved since the original Vendetta Sports Media 2022 NFL Power Rankings. They’re just a terrible team with young pieces looking towards the future, but nothing great in the present. They will be quarterback hunting next offseason and I will be absolutely right about Davis Mills.

31. Chicago Bears (Scott 32, Alex 32, James 28, Trey 30, Matt 30, Chad 31. Average: 30.5) Change: -2

The Chicago Bears find themselves falling two spots from the preseason, and that should surprise absolutely no one, given the severe lack of offensive talent and a defense that is young and developing.

30. Carolina Panthers (Scott 29, Alex 26, James 30, Trey 27, Matt 31, Chad 30. Average 28.83) Change: -7

The Panthers fall seven spots from the original ranks, and given how Matt Rhule has proven himself as an incompetent coach, I’m not very surprised. Baker Mayfield hasn’t played well because of a poor offensive line (which is a career trend), and having his fifth offensive coordinator and head coach in as many years. There’s absolutely no stability, and that’s a major concern for his career going forward. Matt Rhule basically has to be fired after this year.

29. Washington Commanders (Scott 25, Alex 21, James 31, Trey 31, Matt 29, Chad 28. Average 27.5) Change: -5

“We’re [Trey is] putting the Commanders at 31. I know everyone wants to put this on Wentz, but it wouldn’t matter who was playing QB. Losing Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff have destroyed this offensive line past the of point of return. They’re not creative in any way. Ron Rivera can’t have a head coaching job in the modern NFL. They’re awful. Not winning many games with a line that putrid.” – Trey on Washington

28. New England Patriots (Scott 23, Alex 30, James 27, Trey 25, Matt 23, Chad 26. Average: 25.66) Change: -7

“New England hasn’t had the easiest of roads to navigate, though they still escape Week 4 at .500. Zappe, its third string quarterback, didn’t shy away from the moment against Green Bay, and the running back room of Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson has carried the offense (no pun intended) that’s helped its good defense. Things could be worse for Bill Belichick and the Pats!” – Matt on the Patriots

27. Indianapolis Colts (Scott 24, Alex 20, James 29, Trey 28, Matt 28, Chad 22. Average: 25.16) Change: -12

The Colts are our biggest faller from our preseason rankings. Matt Ryan has been a disappointment and has consistently put the ball in harms way. The highest paid offensive line in football has majorly deteriorated and simply hasn’t been protecting Ryan either. Shaq Leonard has missed most of the season so far, and no one else has been able to pick up the slack. Things need to change quickly.

26. New York Jets (Scott 27, Alex 28, James 22, Trey 21, Matt 26, Chad 27. Average: 25.16) Change: +1

Since the Jets are trending upwards, that was used as the tiebreaker. The Jets pulled off an impressive comeback against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Zach Wilson’s return to action after his preseason injury. Wilson looked very impressive late in that game, and with a poor offensive line due to injuries. This felt like the true week one for the Jets.

25. Atlanta Falcons (Scott 28, Alex 31, James 25, Trey 29, Matt 20, Chad 17. Average: 25) Change: +3

The Falcons are really just benefiting from other teams falling. They’re 4-0 against the spread, and have played some impressive games, but Marcus Mariota has proven to not be the solution. The Falcons will likely be picking high in the 2022 NFL Draft, so it’s time to find out what they have in Desmond Ridder.

24. Seattle Seahawks (Scott 26, Alex 27, James 23, Trey 20, Matt 25, Chad 23. Average: 24) Change: +7

Geno Smith is legit? He’s been playing well for the Seahawks this season. A former top-50 pick that was relegated to career backup after simply two seasons and is showing that he can be a capable starter. I don’t think he’s the future, but he’s helped the Seahawks perform better than just about anyone was expecting.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers (Scott 22, Alex 22, James 21, Trey 17, Matt 27, Chad 29. Average: 23) Change: -3

The Kenny Pickett experience has begun! TJ Watt’s return may be soon, and George Pickens had a career game on Sunday. The optimism and potential of Kenny Pickett is what’s keeping the Steelers out of the bottom feeder tier.

22. Detroit Lions (Scott 21, Alex 25, James 24, Trey 26, Matt 22, Chad 19. Average: 22.83) Change: +3

“The Detroit Lions are a tough team to rank. If you only watched their offense, you would say they are a top ten team. Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has proved to be a solid play-caller thus far into the season. Even without elite talent like D’ Andre Swift and Amon-Ra St. Brown, Johnson was able to put 45 points on the board against the Seattle Seahawks. In that game, the offense consisted of Jared Goff, TJ Hockenson, and a cluster of practice squad players. Scoring in that situation is not an easy task. It helps that the offensive line is quality, but even that group has struggled to stay healthy. On the flip side, if you only watched the Lions’ defense, you would say they are the worst team in the league. Every position group on the defense lacks talent and depth. There are a handful of quality players on the defense, but not nearly enough to field a talented unit. Schematically, defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn has not helped either.” – James on the Lions

21. New York Giants (Scott 30, Alex 23, James 19, Trey 23, Matt 15, Chad 18. Average: 21.5) Change: +9

Look, New York, you have a great coach, but your team sucks. You may think you deserve to be around the top half of our 2022 NFL Power Rankings, but you don’t.

20. New Orleans Saints (Scott 19, Alex 19, James 26, Trey 19, Matt 24, Chad 21. Average: 21.33) Change: -6

“Whew, have the Saints not gotten off to the kindest of starts, having not lived up to their expectations. They’ve had one of the worst offenses in the NFL, albeit a small sample. Jameis Winston, Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas are all currently hurt, though at least first-round pick, Chris Olave, has impressed over the last couple of weeks? Nevertheless, they need to turn it around sooner rather than later if they still plan on making the playoffs.” – Matt on the Saints

19. Cleveland Browns (Scott 18, Alex 23, James 18, Trey 24, Matt 21, Chad 20. Average: 20.66) Change: +3

The Cleveland Browns have been holding on with Jacboy Brissett, but not by much. If the team is at a game within .500 when Watson comes back, they’ll be in a position to make the playoffs and go on a little run.

18. Denver Broncos (Scott 17, Alex 15, James 15, Trey 22, Matt 18, Chad 25. Average: 18.66) Change: -10

“The biggest loser in the new addition of the power rankings is Denver. If I’m them, I’m in full panic mode. It’s a team with a lot of pieces, but Russell Wilson has definitely declined and Nathaniel Hackett looks lost as a head coach. I don’t know how they turn it around and are totally stuck.” – Trey on the Broncos

17. Las Vegas Raiders (Scott 15, Alex 14, James 20, Trey 15, Matt 19, Chad 24. Average: 17.83) Change: -6

“The Raiders dropped from 7 to 14, just for me. I have no idea where the rest of the site rates them right now. Regardless of their lone win, the first 3 losses at first glance looks horrible, as they were the only 0-3 team in the NFL. Winning against the Broncos was huge for them. However, I do think context is needed. The 0-3 start was from 3 playoff-caliber teams from a year ago. They all lost within one possession. Going into the Broncos game, the Raiders lost all games by a combined 13 points. After the Broncos game, they are 1-3 with a -4 point differential. Most Raider fans, myself included, didn’t account for the growing pains for a brand new HC and coaching staff along with plenty of new players. That’s a lot of elements that need to gel before there is success. The Raiders are trying to play catch-up now and probably for the rest of the season. But, of course, the nutcase Raider fan in me still thinks the Raiders can make the playoffs.” – Alex on the Raiders

16. Arizona Cardinals (Scott 20, Alex 7, James 17, Trey 12, Matt 17, Chad 16. Average: 14.83) Change: -3

“I can’t believe I have the Cardinals at 12. They’re the worst watch in the league and I’m not sure half their players care with Kliff Kingsbury running the show. However, Kyler has them in every game and for the here and now, I just think they will find a way to win games even if you and I don’t like watching it.” – Trey on the Cardinals

15. Tennessee Titans (Scott 14, Alex 13, James 16, Trey 14, Matt 16, Chad 15. Average: 14.66) Change: +3

The Tennessee Titans are somehow clinging to life with a depleted receiving group and a game manager getting paid incredibly handsomely. Mike Vrabel is one of the best coaches in the league, but the talent on this team is simply too limiting.

14. Minnesota Vikings (Scott 13, Alex 18, James 12, Trey 13, Matt 11, Chad 12. Average: 13.16) Change: +4

Minnesota squeaked out a couple of wins against the Detroit Lions and the New Orleans Saints, but this marks the first time since 2016, and the fourth time since 2006 where they’ve started 3-1 or better. The defense still hasn’t played particularly well, while Kirk Cousins hasn’t quite shown out yet. But, Minnesota winning games under first-year head coach Kevin O’Connell that they might not have won the last couple of years under Mike Zimmer, is a step in the right direction. – Matt on the Vikings

13. Dallas Cowboys (Scott 16, Alex 16, James 10, Trey 18, Matt 7, Chad 8. Average: 12.5) Change: +6

The Dallas Cowboys have shown resiliency in staying in the division race with Cooper Rush. Micah Parsons continues to prove that he is absolutely that guy, but Mike McCarthy will be this team’s downfall.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (Scott: 16, Alex 16, James 10, Trey 18, Matt 14, Chad 10. Average: 12.33) Change: -6

The Chargers seem to be cursed with terrible injury luck, and it’s expensively bad. They have the most salary cap on IR this season, according to Spotrac. I was also never a believer in Brandon Staley and he has continued to prove me right.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars (Scott 10, Alex 10, James 14, Trey 11, Matt 13, Chad 11. Average: 11.5) Change: +15

“Jacksonville has been one of the biggest surprises so far through four weeks, looking like the favorite to come out of the AFC South. They had a blip in the road against Philly last week, but crushed the Colts and Chargers in Weeks 2 and 3. The three-man trio of Trevor Lawrence-James Robinson-Christian Kirk have looked formidable, while their young defense has looked feisty. It’s amazing what a competent coach could do for a franchise with good young talent, right?” – Matt on the Jaguars

10. Los Angeles Rams (Scott 9, Alex 5, James 13, Trey 9, Matt 10, Chad 14. Average: 10) Change: -8

Everyone had this team ranked second when we did our initial 2022 NFL Power Rankings, except for me. The lack of depth and turnover on the offensive line were what worried me going into the season and it’s proven to be true. It seems Matthew Stafford goes to Cooper Kupp and no one else, and Joseph Noteboom is coming off his second game this season of allowed eight pressures and is up to 20 through four games, while Andrew Whiteworth allowed 20 through the entirety of last season, including the playoffs! This is getting ugly for LA.

9. Cincinnati Bengals (Scott 8, Alex 11, James 7, Trey 7, Matt 12, Chad 13. Average: 9.6) Change: -4

The Bengals had a rocky start, and it helped solidify my stance on Zac Taylor being a bad coach. Outside of a handful of explosive plays, which you can’t rely on consistently, it was an average offense last season that saw no improvement. They’re hanging on because of their talent and they seem to be correcting their course, but I don’t think they’ll sniff a Super Bowl this year.

8. San Francisco 49ers (Scott 7, Alex 17, James 6, Trey 4, Matt 9, Chad 9. Average: 8.6) Change: +1

“The Niners defense is legit. They’ve allowed 11 or fewer points in each of their last three games. That included racking up nearly as many sacks (7) as points allowed (9) against the Los Angeles Rams Monday night. Jimmy Garoppolo is doing just enough behind center to piece together sustainable offense. If this defense keeps playing like this, they are going to be dangerous.” – Matt on the 49ers

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Scott 6, Alex 8, James 9, Trey 6, Matt 9, Chad 9. Average: 7.3) Change: -3

The Buccaneers have struggled with injuries so far and because of that, we’ve seen a bit of a decrease in the play of Tom Brady. The suspension of Mike Evans and missing one game didn’t help things at all, and now Cole Beasley is hanging up the cleats midseason. There’s time to correct this, and they have a great roster, but it’s time to be concerned.

6. Miami Dolphins (Scott 12, Alex 6, James 4, Trey 8, Matt 4, Chad 6. Average: 6.6) Change: +10

Tua’s out and I’m scared it’ll have lasting effects on the season. I wasn’t impressed in week one, but he’s begun to turn it on and I don’t know what effects his concussion will have on him. That’s why I’m lower on them than everyone else.

5. Baltimore Ravens (Scott 4, Alex 4, James 8, Trey 10, Matt 5, Chad 5. Average: 6) Change: +5

The Ravens have trailed for 14 combined seconds this season. Lamar Jackson can lead a passing first offense, he went shot for shot against the Dolphins. The Buffalo loss was mostly due to a very questionable fourth and goal decision, but the Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL.

4. Green Bay Packers (Scott 5, Alex 9, James 5, Trey 5, Matt 6, Chad 1. Average: 5.6) Change +3

“Although they got crushed by Minnesota, barely beat an injured Bucs team and took five quarters to down Brian Hoyer and Bailey Zappe’s Pats, the Packers are still one of the best teams in the NFC. While there’s been bumps in the road, Rodgers is still augmenting chemistry with rookie receivers Romeo Doubs and Christian Watson. Their offensive line and defense have both been inconsistent, but they still have the pieces to be a Super Bowl contender.” – Matt on the Packers

3. Philadelphia Eagles (Scott 3, Alex 3, James 2, Trey 3, Matt 1, Chad 1. Average: 2.16) Change: +9

Philly, Philly. Jalen Hurts has improved every season going back to his time at Alabama. He went from a running back playing quarterback, to leading an undefeated team in the NFL and having one of the best deep balls in the league this season. The Eagles won when things got ugly against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that only boosted my confidence in them. They skyrocketed up our 2022 NFL Power Rankings.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (Scott 1, Alex 2, James 3, Trey 2, Matt 3, Chad 2. Average: 2.16) Change: +1

Tiebreaker was that they have the better coach and quarterback, deal with it. When the Chiefs want to dominate, they can bully anyone on offense, which is what makes the loss to the Colts so frustrating. They’re the best team in the league for my money, but the ones who top our October 2022 NFL Power Rankings are…

1. Buffalo Bills (Scott 2, Alex 1, James 1, Trey 1, Matt 2, Chad 3. Average: 1.6) Change: –

The Bills top our power rankings again, but I have my concerns. The Miami game showed an inability to finish close games and the Bills got their first win in a one possession game since week one of the 2021 season. This team concerns me playing in tight games, which is why I can’t have them at one personally.

Do you agree or disagree with our October 2022 NFL Power Rankings? Which team surprised you the most? We’ll be doing three more editions, one in November, December and then ranking the playoff teams ahead of Wildcard Weekend!

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