NFL Week 14
Will the Giants keep rolling with the return of Daniel Jones? Time to make some money with my picks! (Justin Casterline/Getty Images)

If you didn’t check out the amazing success I had last week, please do so now. Less than two days between the end of Week 13 and the beginning of Week 14 in the NFL isn’t as good as it may seem. Regardless, let’s get into these picks and make some money with our NFL Week 14 betting lines and predictions!

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville +7.5

The Jacksonville Jaguars haven’t had much success in terms of wins this year, but they haven’t been getting smoked. They lost to the Browns (Same team that took Tennessee to town in the first half) by two points and lost to a playoff contender in the Vikings by three points IN OVERTIME. I’m confident in Jacksonville’s ability to cover the spread.

Dallas Cowboys @ Cincinnati Bengals

Dallas -3

This one should be fairly obvious right? Bengals don’t have Burrow. The Bengals are just a bad team, Dallas is a bit better (in the grand scheme of things that isn’t saying much) and I’m not sure who the better coach is. In a game of bad coaching, talent wins. Dallas has more talent.

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants

New York +2.5

Before you call me insane, and some of you will or already have, hear me out. The Cardinals are 1-4 in their last five games, they only got that one win over Buffalo because of a Hail Mary and they got outplayed for the vast majority of the game. Murray has returned to earth, the New York defense is actually solid now, and Daniel Jones is set to play this weekend. Do yourself a favour and pick New York.

Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears

Houston -2

Well, prepare to hear all the “Chicago could have had Watson” comments as he tears up the Bears this weekend. I mean, the quarterbacks between these two teams aren’t even close to comparable, outside of their draft year. Chicago’s offense is just pathetic, their defense can’t keep this up much longer, and Ryan Pace is about to be fired in the offseason. Bears fans, avert your eyes today.

Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers

Carolina -3

The Carolina Panthers almost beat the Chiefs a few weeks ago, did we all just forget that? The Panthers are a much more respectable team than the Denver Broncos. They have the better quarterback, and I believe the better coach.

Minnesota Vikings @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay -7

So I was thinking about this game and was close to taking the Vikings. Then after reviewing the injury report and seeing that Eric Kendricks is out, the choice was clear. Kendrick is an outstanding linebacker, especially in coverage. Without him, the Vikings don’t stand a chance.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins

Miami +7

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t been blowing teams out like you’d expect them to. They’ve won their last four games by one possession. The Miami Dolphins are a playoff caliber team, Brian Flores has transformed the culture in Miami. An upset would be insane, but Miami will cover.

Indianapolis Colts @ Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas +3

The Las Vegas Raiders are coming off a narrow win over the New York Jets. I think that pisses off everyone, Gruden, Carr, everyone. Almost losing to the New York Jets is almost inexcusable. It’s time to bounce back. As for the Colts, injuries are going to hold them back. Anthony Castonzo, the left tackle for the Colts, is questionable with a knee injury. Even if Castonzo plays, he’s not going to be as effective as he would be otherwise. Knee injuries are brutal, especially for offensive linemen who require so much power from their lower body. In case you haven’t noticed, Rivers isn’t really mobile. He can’t extend plays on his own.

New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks

Seattle -14.5

That Giants game was something, everyone loses to a team they should beat. The New York Jets are done for the year, and the players seem out as well. The firing of Greg Williams helped, but that team is screwed until Adam Gase is out of the door. Russell Wilson is going to bounce back big time this week.

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions

Green Bay -8.5

Congratulations Lions, you got Patricia out and you got a win with your new head coach. Now, Aaron Rodgers is about to carve you up. Mitch Trubisky, MITCH TRUBISKY of all people put up 30 on you. How can you expect Aaron Rodgers to not put up 40?

Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles +1

The matchup we’ve all been waiting for. The matchup between two teams that find heartbreaking ways to lose games. At the end of the day, it’s hard to determine who has the better coach, but the Falcons are missing Julio Jones while all of the weapons on the Chargers look to be a full go. The Chargers have more talent across the board, and they’ll win this game.

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles

New Orleans -7.5

Jalen Hurts is in for a lot of hurts. Yeah, I’m not too proud of that either. What a week for Jalen Hurts, good news: You’re starting. Bad news: It’s against the Saints. I don’t know why Doug Pederson thought this was a good idea. A quarterback change won’t change your crappy play calls or your lack of receiving weapons. Hell, you’re getting crushed regardless of who the quarterback is. The Saints are red hot and are going to keep on rolling.

Washington Football Team @ San Francisco 49ers

Washington +3

The 49ers are still ravaged by injuries. Again, I have no idea how they’re favourites in this game. The Washington Football Team showed that they’re a real team and a dangerous team to play. Alex Smith will get a win against his former team.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

Pittsburgh +2

The first NFL primetime game for the Steelers is coming in Week 14, man that’s hard to believe. I feel like this is a major overaction. I’d understand the line if home-field advantage mattered but it really doesn’t. James Conner is back, it’s time to rediscover the run game since Buffalo can’t stop it. Don’t overreact to one loss.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

Cleveland +3

We’ve got an AFC North showdown to end Week 14 in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens are beginning to be exposed. The Browns are beginning to find their form and showed an ability to have Baker Mayfield be the driving force of an offense (albeit against a pretty meh defense). The ground game for Cleveland hasn’t gone anywhere either. Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt will keep this close.


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