Urban Meyer
Urban Meyer will win big in Jacksonville. He’s the best head coaching hire by a mile this offseason. Meyer is too smart to fail. (Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports)

Urban Meyer Will Win Big In Jacksonville

The criticism that Jacksonville is getting for hiring Urban Meyer is mind-blowing. Let’s run through some of the new head coaches in the NFL.

The Lions just hired Dan Campbell who was the Saints tight end coach. You’re confident that one is going to work?

The Jets hired Robert Saleh who ran a loaded defense in San Francisco full of talent. We all know Kyle Shanahan is the brains of that operation. You’re confident Saleh is the right man for the job?

The Chargers hired Brandon Staley who spent one year as the Rams defensive coordinator. Prior to that, Staley was the outside linebacker coach. What?

I can do this all day. Point being NFL head coaches flame out all the time. Half of them minimum won’t work. Ron Rivera is the longest tenured coach in the NFC East and he just finished his first year on the job.

All I know is Urban Meyer is a winner. He won at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida, and Ohio State. All the guy does is win. Don’t tell me taking over Ohio State was easy. They were winning 6 games a year with Luke Fickel before Urban arrived.

I pushed back on Jeremy’s article during the latest episode of Draft Busters. I don’t understand how Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, and Dwayne Haskins not having NFL success is Urban’s fault? His job was to make them successful in college and he did just that.

Tebow got drafted in the first round… because of Urban. Haskins is the single season touchdown record holder in the Big 10… because of Urban. Alex Smith was drafted ahead of Aaron Rodgers… because of Urban. You think that coach is going to fail in the NFL? Stop it.

Should Kliff Kingsbury go to the Hall of Fame cause Patrick Mahomes worked in the NFL? What about the guy that coached Drew Brees in college? Does he get the credit? What are we doing here?

Talented people have options. Self awareness also matters. I know Urban is both because he didn’t take the first job that was offered. He sat back and waited… and waited… and waited. The Jaguars job is PERFECT. It’s the one I would have wanted regardless of if they got the first or second pick in the draft.

He walks in the door with zero expectations, a generational quarterback, and tons of roster flexibility. It’s also a division that stinks. The Colts are pretenders, the Titans have a ceiling with Ryan Tannehill, and Deshaun Watson hates his franchise and soon could be leaving the division. There’s no division in the NFL you would want to enter more than this one.

Urban Meyer is going to win big in Jacksonville. The only mistake he made was not taking me with him to be the Jaguars general manager. I’ll take bets with anybody. Urban won’t fail. He’s too smart to fail in a situation like this.