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Unlike Max Pacioretty, Derek Carr Has Class

Unlike Max Pacioretty, Derek Carr has class. Carr showed the idiot Pacioretty fan base what the high road looks like. (Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports)

Unlike Max Pacioretty, Derek Carr Has Class

The Carolina Hurricane fans are currently attacking me at every corner on Twitter. Don’t worry, unlike them I actually have critical thinking skills. I’ll still root for Carolina against 90% of other teams and Sebastian Aho is still the truth.

This story has nothing to do with their uneducated fan base. It won’t matter that the things I am saying are the truth. Because Max Pacioretty plays for them, he can do no wrong. I understand how the fanboy internet cult acts. Paying Vincent Trocheck or Dougie Hamilton are considered overpays because they no longer play for Carolina but significantly older Pacioretty was the much smarter bet to never play in any games while being paid $7 million a year. It doesn’t make sense unless you’re a Carolina fan that doesn’t have a brain.

You’re allowed to criticize your team. Watch I’ll do it right now. Phil Kessel has been a huge disappointment. Well, I predicted it as such because he’s not good anymore. I just wish they would acknowledge it. Putting Sean Allen in his place was fun but it’s time to recognize Kessel stinks now.

I have no patience for the fanboy stuff. I only speak the truth. Pacioretty is a total bum and I have no sympathy for him after he tore his Achilles… again. If the real NHL fans had dignity, they would apologize to the VGK for the awful things they said about a very successful franchise.

Do we understand how impossible it is for an expansion franchise to never have a losing season through six consecutive years of existence? Show some damn respect. If the Golden Knights were a piss poor franchise, I’d have no problem acknowledging it. This is a team that has attracted elite players to come there, has put a winning product on the ice since day one, and has been aggressive in the pursuit of consistently trying to make the team better. As a fan, that is all that I can ask for.

Pacioretty tried to mock the VGK by essentially calling them a Mickey Mouse franchise. He knows exactly what he did. Pacioretty was embarrassed he got traded for nothing and decided he was going to be petty about it. He talked trash and made things personal. Pacioretty blasted the entire organization for not being accountable.

I can’t help that karma got him. I don’t root for injuries but when you talk trash, you better back it up. No pity party for this bum. Had it been the other way around, the Twitter mob with pitchforks of future considerations would have been never-ending. It turns out the only person that wasn’t accountable was Pacioretty. Weird how that works, huh? Hard to be accountable when you never play. I won’t pretend to throw a pity party for this bum. Those are just the rules of trash talk.

You will notice how I didn’t say a word about Evgenii Dadonov who Vegas also got rid of in a salary dump this offseason. During Dadonov’s time with the VGK, I wasn’t super fond of him. Dadonov also got hurt and produced zero points for Montreal. I could have done the same thing with Dadonov and told you how right I was. I didn’t because Dadonov is a consummate professional.

Pacioretty isn’t afforded that same luxury. Pacioretty signed up for the fight game trash talk. There will be no pity party for him. I don’t root for injuries but I don’t feel one percent bad for that bum and it’s okay to say that this was a failed trade. Pacioretty is getting paid $7 million to be talked about. As far as I’m concerned, I’m the only one doing the job and telling the truth. Next time keep your mouth shut if you don’t want the blowback.

Instead of crying a river and feeling bad for this bum, there is a lesson to be learned here. Derek Carr has class. He showed everyone how you handle an exit from a team. Carr was benched after being the one stable force within the franchise. Instead of running his mouth as Pacioretty did, Carr took the high road.

Every smart person knows that the Raiders failed Derek Carr. It was egregious draft class after egregious draft class. The Raiders never put a winning product around Carr. Henry Ruggs went to jail. Carr also dealt with the Antonio Brown and Jon Gruden dramas. That was his response today. “I’m choosing to move on and give our next city our best”.

Next time Pacioretty opens his mouth, I advise those are his next words. Or maybe karma will tear his Achilles for the 8th time. Who knows.

Derek Carr has class. Max Pacioretty, not so much.

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