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UFC Fight Night:Stephens vs. Choi Live Results

ST. LOUIS, MO – JANUARY 14: (R-L) Jeremy Stephens punches Dooho Choi of South Korea in their featherweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event inside the Scottrade Center on January 14, 2018 in St. Louis, Missouri. (Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

UFC Fight Night: Stephens Vs. Choi     St. Louis Mo.   Scottrade Center

The second Fight Night event of 2018 for UFC will feature the Main Event of Jeremy Stephens vs Doo Ho Choi and the Co-Main Event of Paige VanZant vs Jessica Rose-Clark.  The planned Main Event of Uriah Hall vs. Vitor Belfort was cancelled due to Hall failing to make weight.


Kyung Ho Kang  Vs. Guido Cannetti

Bantamweight Division

Referee: Marc Wasem

Round 1:

Kang has noticeable reach difference as we begin the first round.  This is Kang’s first UFC fight since 2014 due to mandated military service in South Korea  Multiple legs kicks from Cannetti to begin the fight.  Canneti takes Kang down with a double leg, The South Korean was able to get back on his feet.  Kang able to get Canneti to the ground, locks in the Triangle lock, Canneti lifts Kang against the cage still in the lock, but cannot release.  Cannetti taps with: 07 seconds left in the first round.

Kyung Ho Kang (14-7) Defeats Guido Cannetti (7-3) Via Triangle Choke 1st Round (4:53)

Talita Bernardo Vs. Irene Aldana

Women’s Bantamweight

Referee: Mario Yamasaki

Round 1: Aldana, the taller fighter in this one starts the round with several jabs to feel Bernardo out. Aldana tags Bernardo with a strong right hook and Talita wobbles.  Aldana able to take Bernardo down pretty easily, posturing to gain the advantage on top.  Bernardo able to recover and clinch Aldana against the cage.  Both women break apart from the clinch, Bernado shoots for a takedown and immediately stuffed.  Bernardo on her back for the remainder of the round.

My Take: Aldana controlled that round with her strong boxing.  Bernardo looks outmatched.

Round 2: Aldana back to the jabs at the start of the round, she is stalking Bernardo with several up jabs.  Bernardo tries to pick the ankle and postures up on the cage.  Bernardo holding on to Aldana, not much action, just survival.  Bernardo is gassed, punches coming from the Aldana on the bottom.

My Take:  Most of the round was on the ground, Bernardo still looks outmatched and just trying to survive a decision.

Round 3:  Round 3 begins with more of the same boxing from Aldana.  113 strikes landed so far for Aldana with 44 of them pretty significant.  Bernardo shoots once again and stuff.   Bernardo finally comes back with a couple punches to Aldana, and successfully takes her down.  Aldana able to escape as the final round ends

My Take: More action from Bernardo, but it is too late as Aldana won the first two rounds

Irene Aldana(8-4) Defeats Talita Bernardo (5-3) by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

“Marco” Polo Reyes vs. Matt Frevola


Referee: Dan Mirrigolota

Round 1:  Frevola making his UFC Debut in this fight.  Frevola comes in quick, but Reyes catches Matt with a left hook and knocks his mouth guard out.  Ref stops momentarily to put Frevola’s mouth guard back in.   Reyes connects with a straight right and Knocks Frevola Out!!

“Marco” Polo Reyes(8-4) Defeats Matt Frevola(6-1) via Knockout in the First Round (0:57)

James Krause vs. Alex White


Referee:Mario Yamasaki

Round 1: It is the battle of Missouri in this fight, as both are hometown kids.  White comes out swinging quickly, while Krause able to counter with a couple combinations.  Krause clinches White against the cage, and sweeps the leg out, gains control on the ground.   Krause able to get punches to connect from the top as he continues control on the ground as the round ends.

My Take:  White came out quick but Krause was able to control the majority of the round.  I would say 10-9 Krause

Round 2:  White connects with a right straight to start round 2 and continues to apply pressure constantly moving forward.  White is throwing 3-4 punches at a time with a fury.  Krause is able to slow it down with a nice takedown and takes control on top.  White finds a way to escape but Krause able to take White down again.  Krause hooks in a guillotine but there isn’t enough time as the round ends.

My Take: Nearly 4 minutes of ground control by Krause, another round won by Krause

Round 3: Another quick start by White with a strong right hand that tags Krause.  Krause able to recover and clinch White against the cage.  White has the edge in strikes 57-31, but Krause has the advantage with over 8 minutes of ground control.  White is all over Krause in this final round and nearly catches him in an armbar.  Round 3 finishes with Krause on top of the ground.

My Take:  White wins this round but won’t win the fight due to Krause’s control in the first 2 rounds

James Krause(25-7) defeats Alex White(12-4) by Unanimous Decision (29-28)

Main Card

Darren Elkins vs. Michael Johnson


Referee: Dan Miragliotta

Round 1:  A lot of back and forth as it is stand up for most of the round.  Johnson tags Elkins numerous times and hurt him as he takes it to the ground.  Johnson controlled the rest of the round on the ground.

My Take:  Johnson hurt Elkins right off the bat but could not finish it. Elkins was able to recover and slow the fight down on the ground.

Round 2:  Elkins tags Johnson and able to take him to the ground.  Elkins gains control and moves to his back.  Elkins locks in the rear naked choke and Johnson taps out.

Darren Elkins (24-5) Defeats Michael Johnson (17-13) via Rear Naked Choke (2:22)

Kamaru Usman vs. Emil Meek


Round 1:  Usman comes out aggressive and takes Meek down quick.  Meek catches Usman with a couple shots from the bottom, but Usman keeps control.  The remainder of the round takes place on the ground, Usman stays in control

My Take: It was all Usman in this round, definetly has shown he is the superior fighter in this fight.

Round 2:  Round 2 starts with Usman immediately going after Meek in the clinch.  Usman takes Meek down and utilizing his ground and pound for the majority of this round.  Usman is grinding away on the ground, prevent Meek to recover.  Usman is showing his strength in controlling this fight.

My Take:  Another round of domination by Usman

Round 3:  The first minute of the 3rd round is spent standing up.  The Fighters are feeling each other out, Usman using his reach to tag Meek with some jabs.  Usman takes Meek down with a spinebuster type WWE move and uses his world-class wrestling to keep the control on the ground for the remainder of the fight.

My Take:  Another easy round for Usman and he will cruise to his 6th straight UFC win.

Kumaru Usman(12-1) Defeats Emil Meek(9-3) by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Jessica Rose-Clark vs Paige VanZant

Women’s Flyweight

Referee: Mario Yamasaki

Round 1:  Clark sets the pace with consistent strikes to start the round.  VanZant goes for a takedown, but Clark takes the control to the ground.  Clark is just laying on top of Vanzant, not much action but wearing Paige out.

My Take:  Boring but effective for Clark, controlling on the ground for the duration of the round

Round 2: Round 2 begins with Clark taking control and using her game plan perfectly.  Clark takes VanZant down and lays on her for control.  Yamasaki warns the fighters to start moving or he will stand it up.   Clark positions herself and locks in a triangle with a minute to go in the round.  VanZant is holding on and is saved by the bell.

My Take:  Another 10-9 round for Clark, dictated control the entire round.

Round 3:  In the middle of the round, VanZant told her corner that she had broken her right arm.  All leg kicks from VanZant, avoiding throwing anything with her right hand. Clark staying back in this round, while the majority of strikes coming from VanZant.

My Take:  VanZant won this round with a broken arm.  She showed a lot of heart in this fight but Clark will win due to all of the control in the first two rounds

Jessica Rose-Clark(9-4) Defeats Paige VanZant(7-4) by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Photo Credit Scott Rovak-USA Today

UFC Fight Night Main Event

Jeremy Stephens vs. Doo Ho Choi


Referee: Keith Peterson

Round 1:  Back to Back kicks from Choi to begin the fight,  Heavy USA chants during this round.  A lot of feeling out with the majority in the stand-up.  Choi is landing huge leg kicks to Stephens that is bothering him.  Stephen lands a left elbow to the skull but can’t capitalize.  Each punch thrown in this first round had some meat to it.  If one of these land it will be over.

My Take:  Choi’s Leg Kicks were the story in Round 1.  10-9 Choi

Round 2:  Each Fighter lands a big strike to start round 2.  The fight will stay in the stand up for the majority of this fight.  Stephens is landing more strikes in this round with a lot of counters. Stephens nails Choi with a huge right hook that knocks the “Korean Super Boy” down.  Stephens smells blood and jumps in with a flurry of elbows.  Keith Peterson stops the fighter due to strikes.

Jeremy Stephens(27-14) Defeats Doo Ho Choi (14-3) via TKO(Ground and Pound)

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