Tyrod Taylord
Tyrod Taylor could become a very valuable fantasy quarterback in 2020. Ignoring Taylor in fantasy would probably be a big mistake. (Harry How/Getty Images)

Quarterbacks that can run are the hidden cheat code in fantasy. In 2019, 9 of the top 10 scoring quarterbacks in fantasy had at least 200 rushing yards. What does that mean? Avoid the old guys that can’t move and take more shots on the average ones that can. One guy that fits that latter description is Tyrod Taylor. You better believe that Tyrod Taylor is a very valuable fantasy quarterback.

The question with Taylor is going to be how long he starts. Outside of Aaron Rodgers with Jordan Love, I think Tyrod keeps the job the longest. LA truly does believe that Taylor can win games. Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the hot seat in Miami. Joe Burrow will start right away for the Bengals. I don’t get the sense Justin Herbert is going to be thrown right into the fire. The Chargers like Taylor… a lot.

Rushing quarterbacks in fantasy are valuable. Tyrod Taylor should be high on your list then. The biggest set of data we should use is his 3 years as a starter in Buffalo. In 3 years as a starter for the Bills, Taylor averaged 525 yards and 3.66 touchdowns on the ground per year. Taylor also didn’t start a full 16 game stretch during that time either.

Sign me up for that production! Taylor, 31, might not run as frequently given the age but there’s no reason why he can’t pick up a sizeable chunk of yardage on the ground. Anthony Lynn, as much as I think the guy is dumb, is a running back coach. It might be safe to assume Taylor will use his legs early and often in this offense.

It’s not like Tyrod is a nightmare throwing the ball. The former Virginia Tech product has averaged 7 yards an attempt and completed 61.6 percent of his throws during the course of his career. Both of those numbers are better than what Tom Brady posted in 2019. Taylor also has a winning NFL record (23-21-1). If Taylor can hit that 20 touchdown mark through the air, this is going to be a very valuable fantasy quarterback.

Of course, this is for my real players out there who are grown enough to do 2 quarterback leagues. Taylor could prove to be a tremendous value for fantasy owners in 2020. Be ahead of the curve on this one.