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Tyreek Hill
(David Eulitt/The Kansas City Star)

Tyreek Hill Has Tons Of Fantasy Upside With The Dolphins

Tyreek Hill
Tyreek Hill has tons of fantasy upside with the Dolphins. There is no reason to be overly concerned after leaving Kansas City. (David Eulitt/The Kansas City Star)

Tyreek Hill Has Tons Of Fantasy Upside With The Dolphins

I know, I know. Tua Tagovailoa isn’t Patrick Mahomes so we should all freak out about Tyreek Hill in terms of fantasy, right? Maybe.

Are we sure the trade to Miami is a bad thing for Hill when it comes to fantasy? I’m not.

It’s unclear where the fantasy community will decide to rank Tyreek Hill for the 2022-23 NFL Season. The only thing that’s clear is the fact that Hill has tremendous upside in terms of fantasy with the Dolphins. There is no reason to panic about Hill’s fantasy upside in the short term.

People can say whatever they want about Tua. I’m still in on him. Year three is the time to prove that and I think he will play well. He’s already shown growth despite the fact that Brian Flores tried to sabotage him. Yes, Flores should have been fired. You can’t screw up the offensive side of the ball as a defensive head coach. We no longer have time for those people.

The idea that Tua can’t support Hill as a fantasy star isn’t the correct opinion to have. Deebo Samuel just had one of the best wide receiver seasons in NFL history with Jimmy Garoppolo. Additionally, Tua supported rookie Jaylen Waddle as a fantasy asset a year ago.

Waddle, 23, just put together a season with 104 receptions, 1,015 yards, and six touchdowns with Tua. I’m now supposed to believe that a veteran Tyreek Hill can’t top those numbers? Keep in mind, Waddle put together those numbers are really wasn’t usable in fantasy until about Week 12 when the rookie learning curve was gone. Tua is more than good enough to have Hill replicate his offensive production.

It should also be noted that Kansas City doesn’t force feed Hill the ball. They never have. Hill recorded his first 100 reception season last year. Hill has accounted for 28 percent of Mahomes’ touchdown passes for his career.

Compare that to another high profile receiver that departed his long time team in Davante Adams. Over the last two years, Adams has accounted for 45 percent of Aaron Rodgers’ touchdown passes. You see the difference? Rodgers is going to miss Adams and vice versa.

The Chiefs are not Tyreek Hill dependent. They’re going to spread the ball around to guys like Byron Pringle, Mecole Hardman, and whoever else they draft. The Packers NEEDED Adams and were blind sided when he left.

I expect the Dolphins to use Hill in creative ways. Mike McDaniel comes over from the Kyle Shanahan tree. Hill is going to have the ball in his hands… a lot. He’s the star of the show. It’s also the perfect combination from a fantasy perspective. Waddle and Gesicki are too dangerous to the point where you can ignore them and not good enough to where there aren’t enough balls to go around for Hill.

Tua is an accurate quarterback. Despite what most think, he can throw the ball down the field. He did it at Alabama. He just doesn’t have a rocket of an arm. Regardless, Hill is going to create his on yards after the catch. He’s going to hit his home run balls. That’s just who he is.

It’s also going to be a better Dolphins team offensively in more ways than one. Terron Armstead is also coming to town. The Dolphins offensive line can’t be worse than what it was a year ago. Impossible to get worse than 32nd.

I’m curious to see where Hill gets ranked. It sure as hell better not be too low because there really is no reason to worry about his fantasy outlook. Have a little secret for everyone. He’s getting the ball… a lot. Especially when it counts in the red area. The lack of a feature running back with the Dolphins only helps his case.


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