Tyler Glasnow
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Tyler Glasnow Rants on MLB Foreign Substance Policy After UCL Tear

Tampa Bay Rays ace pitcher Tyler Glasnow took to the microphone today to express his displeasure with the new MLB Foreign Substance policy. The right-handed flamethrower was just placed on the 10-day Injured List following a partial UCL tear and flexor strain in his throwing arm. Glasnow singled out MLB’s crackdown on foreign substance usage as a partial reason for his injury.

I 100 percent believe that contributed to me getting hurt. No doubt. Without a doubt. I’m just gonna – I have used sticky stuff before. It’s ridiculous that it seems like this whole public perception of, like, “It’s just a select few people,” – your favorite pitcher 50 years ago was probably using something too. If you felt these balls, how inconsistent they were, you have to use something. In the past, my substance of choice is sunscreen and rosin. Nothing egregious, just something to where I can get a grip on the ball so it doesn’t feel dusty.

Two starts ago, against the Nationals, I went cold turkey – nothing. Before that start, I remember when all the stuff came out I was talking to people and I was talking to doctors. They were like, “The thing that maybe MLB doesn’t realize or that players don’t realize is that maybe it’ll add to injuries.” And in my mind, I was like, “That sounds dumb. That sounds like an excuse a player would use to make sure he can use sticky stuff.” But I threw to the Nationals with nothing. I don’t use sticky stuff or Spider Tack because I need more spin. I have huge hands, I spin the ball fine, I want grip.

Tyler Glasnow, Rays SP

Glasnow Says that the Mid-season Changes Resulted in His Injury

I did well against the Nationals. Probably one of the best starts I’ve had all year. I woke up the next day and was like, “I am sore in places that I didn’t even know I had muscles in.” I felt completely different. I switched my fastball grip and my curveball grip. I’ve thrown it the same way for however many years I’ve played baseball. I had to put my fastball way deeper into my hand and grip it way harder, and instead of holding my curveball at the tip of my fingers, I had to dig it deeper into my hand. So I’m like choking the s*** out of all my pitches.

My cue I used to use was holding the ball like an egg – nice and loose. That’s out the window. Now I have to develop a new cue. I can’t hold the ball light anymore, I have to dig it deep into my hand. You have to think – I’m not a doctor, and I know you guys probably know that – I’m taking a fastball, I’m squeezing the ball twice as hard, recruiting all these muscles, and taking my arm and throwing it as hard as I can.

Tyler Glasnow, Rays SP

Glasnow Offered Suggestions for MLB to Improve their Policy

Glasnow would continue for another four minutes explaining his issues with the new policy. He also proposed potential solutions that would help pitchers grip the ball without compromising MLB’s desire to level the playing field. The rest of his statement can be viewed here:

Before his injury, Glasnow was among the favorites to take home the AL Cy Young Award. He hopes to strengthen the area around his torn UCL such that he can avoid surgery. The Tampa Bay Rays currently lead the AL East by three games.


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