Trey Sermon
Trey Sermon is one of the trickiest running back evaluations in the entire 2021 NFL Draft. Let’s check out his draft profile! (Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch/USA TODAY Sports)

Trey Sermon 2021 NFL Draft Profile

Trey Sermon is another name to keep an eye on in the 2021 NFL Draft running back class. Sermon hasn’t had the most traditional collegiate path in the world, but made a strong impression to close out his career. How will Sermon fare when he makes it to the league? Let’s go over the Trey Sermon 2021 NFL Draft profile!

Sermon is a tricky evaluation. He started out his career at Oklahoma but got fazed out of the offense by Kennady Brooks. Sermon always looked like an NFL back even at Oklahoma. We just always saw limited sample sizes and inconsistency.

At Ohio State, it was even a struggle… for a while. Sermon essentially did nothing for a big bulk of the season. Sitting behind Master Teague (who stinks) isn’t the best look. However, Sermon blew up late in the year against Northwestern and then Clemson. The guy was virtually unstoppable and made it clear, he’s a real talent.

If you want Najee Harris but don’t want to pay the Najee Harris price tag, Sermon just might be your guy. He’s not quite as tall. He’s not quite as big. BUT he brings a lot of the same traits to the table. Call him 85 to 90% Najee lite! Sermon can hurdle with the best of them. The speed isn’t elite, per se, but he has serious wiggle and maneuverability.

The only real complaint with Sermon is that sometimes he doesn’t always hit the hole he should. Maybe there’s some indecisiveness in his game. He’s not quite the crisp elite talent. He’s also really upright but a lot of that comes from being 6-foot, 215.

Sermon is more of a complete back than he gets credit for. He is a proven pass catcher and can even make dudes miss after he reels in the reception. The pass protection is ready to go. He’s willing to at a minimum stand in there and hold his own. I love the acceleration for a big back. The fact that he’s able to hurdle the way he does shows plus athletic traits.

Sermon is firmly entrenched in my top ten running back list. I just see a lot of Najee Harris. Just a less talented version. His end of the year performance including 331 yards against Northwestern and 193 more against Clemson should make teams confident he can play. Sermon has contributed since his true freshman year and should be able to come in and function in a rotation somewhere.

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