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Trey Daubert is the only man that can save the New York Mets. Are they smart enough to hire me?

Trey Daubert Is The Only Man That Can Save The New York Mets

David Stearns, Billy Beane, Theo Epstein, Scott Harris, Matt Arnold, Michael Girsch, Peter Bendix, Jean Afterman, Raquel Ferreira, Daniel Adler, and Sig Mejdal. What do they have in common? Those are the 11 names this offseason that rejected the New York Mets. This offseason has been filled with nothing except embarrassment for the Mets organization. Sandy Alderson can put whatever spin he wants on this puppy, but it’s downright sad.

We’re now in the middle of November and the Mets have no president, general manager, and manager. None. People aren’t just rejecting the Mets. I could have made up half of those names above and you wouldn’t know the difference. The Mets are down so bad that Squid Game isn’t looking like such a bad alternative for them.

There is only one person that can save the Mets. I, myself, Trey Daubert, is the only logical choice for the Mets job. I’m not doing this to toot my own horn. I’ve always said I’m not good at much. I didn’t learn how to do laundry until my 20’s. I have no idea how to change a tire. Mets GM job? Yeah, I’m the only person for the job.

Listen, I’d only really put one caveat on this puppy. I’m doing things my way and my way only. The second I step foot in that building, it’s a total rebuild. No and, if or but about it. I don’t report to Sandy. I don’t report to Steve. I run the show. Steve, get off Twitter. Sandy go fetch me a coffee that I’ll end up not drinking. I don’t take the job under any other condition.

Baseball is about making tough decisions. Throwing the bag at Francisco Lindor doesn’t solve your issues. Trading Mookie Betts and having your fan base hate you is the way you’re actually supposed to run your club. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true.

Everything must go. Delusion is what’s really holding the Mets back. They’re trying to win without a steady foundation. The same clown show organization that hired Brodie Van Wagenen over Chaim Bloom is sitting there wondering why they’re not close to winning a title.

To the surprise of some, I’d consider baseball to be my best sport in terms of knowledge. I feel as if my eyeballs can see things that lead to good decisions. A perfect example, of course, being Zack Wheeler. The same Wheeler that failed in New York. Of course, as I detailed in my post, the Mets were to blame and a blogger who watches maybe three Met games a year knew what the problem was before his own team did.

The Mets never get to where they want to be because all they do is half ass measures. There is never a true bottoming out process. They get impatient and believe they can win before they remotely close to doing so. It’s why nobody actually wants to take this job. Because the people that should keep their nose out of shit meddle. Then they get stuck with clowns like Zack Scott and Jared Porter.

Let’s be honest; At this point, I’m the most qualified person for the job available. I manage this company every day and have a lot of experience in baseball itself. Who else are you going to hire at this point? Anybody who’s anybody has already turned your asses down. AND I’ll turn you down too if we’re not going to do things properly.

How do you fix the Mets? I don’t need much of a sales pitch because I believe it’s the only real way to do this thing. Everything must go. Jacob deGrom, Pete Alonso, etc. Everyone can be had if the price is right. We can either do this thing right or not at all. You know where to find me.