Trey Daubert
Hey ‘Hockey Guy’ Trey Daubert stick to your American Sports. It’s Coming Home! (Actually, hopefully not but at least I won my bet)

Under usual circumstances, you would never hear me cheer for England. After all the horrific atrocities they enacted on my Irish ancestors I normally take great pride in cheering for whomever the opposition is. That wasn’t the case against Germany though as I found myself needing them to win to receive payment on a bet. Hey ‘Hockey Guy’ Trey Daubert I want my money!

It’s time for ‘Hockey Guy’ Trey Daubert to stick to American sports and leave the real ones to the professionals. Your Hockey fantasy win was a fluke! Yeah, I said it!

I’ll be absolutely honest, when I made the bet I thought I didn’t stand a chance. I gave the bossman first choice and predictably he picked the favorites France. I was kind of hoping he’d somehow miss them but it wasn’t to be.

Once his choice was made it left me very few options. I was worried Portugal or Germany wouldn’t qualify from their group of death and if they did would get an unfavorable route to the final. That’s how convinced I was that France would go all the way.

I could have chosen Belgium or Italy but neither filled me with confidence especially with the former having injury problems. Spain is also not the force they use to be. So I was left with my hated rivals… England.

Luckily for me, France somehow lost on penalties to Switzerland on Monday and England completed the deal by beating Germany on Tuesday. I felt dirty throughout the whole ninety-plus minutes as a proud Irishman but knew it had to be done. Hey Trey Daubert I want my money. And preferably England to lose in the next round too if possible.

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