Trey Daubert
Sophomore defensive back and running back Trey Daubert balled out against the Pittsburgh Panthers (Max Football)

Sophomore defensive back Trey Daubert was frustrated with his mismanagement in Vendetta University’s Week 1 victory over the Virginia Tech Hokies. Before this week’s game against the Pittsburgh Panthers, Trey Daubert told coaches in meetings that he was never a natural safety and was using his athleticism to benefit the team as he learned the position. Daubert said he could make plays like Austin Ekeler out of the backfield and told coaches to put him in at running back to give Pablo Sanchez some rest.

Coach Law agreed, and Trey did not disappoint. On the defensive side of the ball, Daubert had three sacks against the Panthers. Daubert rushed for 109 yards and a pair of touchdowns, one through the air and the other on the ground, in Vendetta University’s 38-6 victory.

Trey stepped up in a big way for us today. His number was called on both sides of the ball, and he answered. We ran some different formations and tried to keep as many starters fresh for our next matchup against Miami. Overall, I’d say the entire team played better week two than week one. We have to continue building on that.

Coach Law said postgame

Asked after the game if he expects to continue playing both offense and defense, Daubert basked in his 15-seconds of fame.

I’m a team player and the leader of this ship. I want to help this team win on both sides of the ball. I’m not a natural safety, but I’m slowly starting to learn the honey badger’s ways. I’m just going to make the most of the opportunities coach gives me.

Daubert is in his sophomore season and is hopeful that he can make a name for himself with his athleticism. His game against the Pittsburgh Panthers showcased his unique versatility, something everyone should take note of.

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