Trevor Story
(Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Trevor Story Is Wasting His Talent In Colorado

The Colorado Rockies are the farm team for the rest of the MLB. The Rockies currently sit at 15-29 and are officially tied with the Twins for the worst winning percentage in MLB at .341%. That is absolutely laughable. Their only redeeming quality is that the team employs star infielder Trevor Story, arguably the best shortstop in the NL right now.

Regardless, the Rockies have once again alienated a great player from the organization, just as they did with Nolan Arenado a year ago. Story is currently hitting .258 with only four home runs and 21 RBIs, a below-average year by his standards, and his usual defensive prowess has been dampened as well. Could Story should greater effort and focus? Perhaps, but it is hard to blame his frustrations given the dumpster fire of an organization that currently employs him. If he was on a better team and did not have to play from behind every game, Story could very well be hitting close to .300 right now.

The Rockies Should Move Him At The Deadline

The Rockies should deal Story before the deadline on July 30, as he will be a free agent at the end of the season anyway. It may sound like an unoriginal take given all the trade rumors, but a trade could be the only way for both parties to end up happy.

Trevor Story was clearly upset when the Rockies blew the Arenado situation last year. He does not want to be in Denver right now and with good reason, considering he can help a team elsewhere actually contend for a World Series. Some would call the Rockies’ 2021 plans part of their “rebuilding” phase, but it really is just an average season in Colorado.

I am a Rockies fan through and through. I have seen some of the team’s highs and lows, and I know what this organization is capable of. They can find decent prospects and develop them into good players like Story, Charlie Blackmon, Ryan McMahon, Nolan Arenado, Raimel Tapia, and Jon Gray, among others. What do all of those players have in common? Their talents were wasted. The people of Colorado deserve better. Story deserves better. Baseball deserves better. Nobody wants to watch this embarrassment of a team take the field every day.

2021 Is Yet Another Season Gone To Waste For Colorado

In May, the Rockies lost three games in a row, then won three in a row immediately after, and now, the team is currently on a five-game losing streak again. They gave up an inside-the-park home run to Jake Cronenworth on Wednesday, and they could have swept the Reds in a four-game series last week, but the bullpen blew a five-run lead in the last game of the series and could not prevent the Reds from scoring in every inning of extras in the third game.

Story’s individual situation will certainly improve if he leaves. Time and time again the Rockies disappoint their loyal fans by squandering any hopes of a good season with questionable decisions year in and year out, and they fail to attract marquee free agents, particularly pitchers, to the team. In fact, their only good pitcher, Gray, is rumored to be headed out at the deadline. If there were ever a time for Story to get out of Colorado, that time would be now.

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