Trevor May
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Trevor May Should Be the Face of Major League Baseball

The New York Mets signed one pitcher in the offseason named Trevor. He was not the pitcher that most of the fans wanted, but I knew that Trevor May was someone I wanted on my team. Not only does he have a fastball in the high nineties, but he also has a huge Twitch following and by all accounts seems like a great person.

Video Games

The first time I ever heard of Trevor May came all the way back in Fortnite’s prime. He was playing squads with Ninja, TimTheTatman, and Dr. Lupo, some of the biggest names in the gaming industry at the time. I thought he was just a random fan that happened to end up in their game. I come to find out that not only is this not a random guy, but he is also one of the best relievers in the entire league. Impressive.

May isn’t a competitive video game player, but he uses video games to stay connected to fans in an atypical way. He makes it a priority to stream on the team’s off days when he could easily just stay off the computer and stay on his couch, but he makes sure to talk to fans for a few hours.

Social Media

May is a content creator, so part of that is being good at social media, however, he goes above and beyond to interact with fans and even clown on himself.

He also was one of the first Met’s to take accountability for their most recent controversy. Overall, May seems like a great dude who uses his platform to grow the game in a new and unique way.


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