Matt Rhule
Will Matt Rhule work in Carolina? Safety Tre Boston spoke out and really likes his new head coach. Boston says Rhule has it. (Brandon Todd/Panthers)

Did the Carolina Panthers make the right head coaching hire? I think so but we haven’t heard anything from the players. Today that changed. Tre Boson really likes his new head coach and is basically guaranteeing that Matt Rhule will work at the NFL level. Boston hasn’t had a practice with Rhule yet but he’s a fan of his already.

“I think this guy has an edge to him. I think he has a certain ‘it’ that coaches have to have,” Boston told Ian Rapoport of NFL Media. “I’m excited to see him more in person with the guys, because right now, I think he started with a nice lead because he has a nice momentum going in between how he’s treated us, how he’s respected us, how he respects our time. That means a lot to professionals and men, adults, as well. So, I think Rhule has set himself up for success with his men. We trust him. We believe in him. And when we get together, it’s all about building chemistry and knowing that we are the Carolina Panthers and we’re gonna do what it takes to win ballgames around here.”

Quick turn arounds are not Rhule’s thing. That’s the only thing I would caution here. Temple and Baylor were dreadful under Rhule. It could be a rough go in year one. Who knows though, maybe the NFL level will be different since he’s entering a situation that lacked talent.

More than anything Rhule has to find a way to fix this defense. They were dreadful on that side of the ball in 2019. A defense heavy draft should go a long way to aiding that issue. More than anything, it will be curious to see how Teddy Bridgewater and Christian McCaffrey fair right away.