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Travis Kelce

(Kevin Jaira/USA TODAY Sports)

Travis Kelce Claps Back at Mayor of Cincinnati

Travis Kelce
(Kevin Jaira/USA TODAY Sports)

Travis Kelce Has Words for Mayor of Cincinnati

Travis Kelce just put in the last word. After winning a 23-20 thriller at Arrowhead, the future Hall of Fame tight end kept the receipts. There were all sorts of talk after the Chiefs and Bengals matched up for a second straight year; however, there was one piece of bantering that took the cake.

Aftab Pureval, the mayor of Cincinnati, tried his hardest to go for blood on the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. With injury concerns to both Mahomes and Kelce, there was all sorts of media firestorms. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to think the Bengals would win. However, Pureval thought it was a done deal. Many, including myself, saw it as corny and just trying too hard. Take a look at the outrageous video yourself:

Talk about putting all your eggs in a basket. It was fair in the leadup to the game. However, Kansas City got the job done. Despite the controversy surrounding the officiating, a dinged up Mahomes and electrifying KC defense did enough to win.

Kelce didn’t forget Pureval’s words either. In the post-game celebration and presentation of the Lamar Hunt Trophy, the All-Pro clapped back in vintage Kelce fashion:

Well Done, Travis!

That right there is a great example of waiting for your crops to harvest. From the Chiefs’ side of things, they were mostly quiet. They knew the task at hand.

While Joe Burrow came remarkably close, it was not enough. Losing Tyler Boyd mid-game and throwing two picks set them back a lot. Of course, you can’t forget about Joseph Ossai. The linebacker’s late hit on Mahomes was rung up for an unnecessary roughness penalty. That put the Chiefs well within field goal range with eight seconds remaining.

All in all, the Bengals mostly have themselves to blame. And now, Pureval and the whole city have to live with eating their many, many words.

Either Kansas City or Cincinnati was going to go to bed sad Sunday night. I think Aftab Pureval should be a little extra ashamed. “They gotta play us today” didn’t exactly go to plan. As a result, Travis Kelce and the Chiefs are able to have an extra good last laugh as they play the Eagles in two weeks. In conclusion, it stinks to talk trash and not back it up. As they say in wrestling, to be the man, you gotta beat the man.


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