Sam Hinkie
Remembering Sam Hinkie. What were his top 5 best draft picks with the Philadelphia 76ers? His draft picks still impact the team today. (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

Sam Hinkie remains a polarizing figure for the 76ers to this day. His tanking strategy got them some young talent but they never have captured a Finals appearance out of it or even Semi Final. Let’s take a trip down memory lane at look at Hinkie’s best draft picks with the 76ers.

5: Michael Carter-Williams

For as many years as Hinkie tanked, somehow Michael Carter-Williams makes the list. He makes the cut solely based on his rookie year. MCW actually won rookie of the year in 2013 and it was well deserved. The former Syracuse product averaged 16.7 points, 6.3 assists, 6.2 rebounds and 1.9 steals a game.

MCW also makes the cut because the 76ers actually traded him at the right time. They acquired a first rounder when the wheels were starting to fall off. To this day, Carter-Williams can play defense but his offense is so limited he’s been mostly a journeyman.

4: Richaun Holmes

Holmes isn’t on the 76ers roster anymore but he’s carved out a role in the NBA. Nobody was sure what to expect from the 37th overall pick in 2015. Not many players from Bowling Green make an impact, let alone get drafted. Holmes posted good numbers with Philly notching 15.8 points, nine rebounds, 1.7 blocks per 36 with the 76ers.

Since, Holmes has found a home in Sacramento and is playing damn well. He’s shooting over 65 percent from the floor and 8.3 rebounds in a full time role.

3: Dario Saric

The next three are more of the defining picks by Hinkie. Saric’s biggest impact was being part of the trade that landed Jimmy Butler. The draft day comps to Peja Stojaković didn’t come true but Saric has stuck in the league. Saric’s NBA future is still very much up in the air. He hasn’t been much of a contributor in Phoenix but showed plenty of flashes in Philly. There’s still room to grow.

2: Jerami Grant

This is one the 76ers would like to have back, maybe? Jerami Grant was a great second round pick by Hinkie in 2014. Philadelphia traded him when Hinkie was fired and Bryan Colangelo took over. Grant was traded to the Thunder for Ersan Ilyasova and a first-round pick that hasn’t conveyed yet.

Grant the player has been a very solid contributor. Grant is shooting 40 percent from 3 this year. He’s also a great shot blocker and capable defender. For 6-foot-8, Grant isn’t an elite rebounder but still a very solid NBA pro. A steal in the 2nd round for sure.

1: Joel Embiid

This one really wasn’t a question. When the 76ers landed the 3rd pick in 2014, fans were disappointed. It was a blessing in disguise. Cleveland picked Andrew Wiggins, Milwaukee landed Jabari Parker, and the 76ers found their face of the franchise.

Embiid was uber talented but slipped to 3 because of a foot injury. Embiid still deals with injuries but he’s a great player. Embiid, 26, is a 3-time All-Star, two-time all-defense, and one-time All-NBA. Hinkie’s real stamp on the franchise is Embiid.