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Top 10 MLB Moments

(via Chris Young – AP)

Top 10 MLB Moments of the Decade (2011 – 2020)

Top 10 MLB Moments
(via Chris Young – AP)

Top 10 MLB Moments

MLB has provided some all-time moments, and narrowing it down to 10 from the past decade was tough to do. Milo Coulter and I just talked them through on the most recent episode of Kriegs Korner. After thinking about it some more I had to clean it up and put it down in writing.

Number 10: 2014 NLCS: Travis Ishikawa Walk-off Home Run

Walk-offs always move the needle no matter what team it’s for, but this was the end of the “Even-Year-Giants.” They found up winning the World Series

Number 9: 2016 Regular Season: Bartolo Colon Home Run

If a different person makes this list, this moment probably doesn’t make the cut, but since I am a diehard Met’s fan, this is on my list.

The 7 Line Army being in San Diego for this moment made it that much cooler. It felt like it was a Met’s home game on the West Coast. If it weren’t for this moment most likely there would be a universal DH I think.

Number 8: 2017 World Series Game 5

The 13-12 final score had this game feeling more like a boxing match than a baseball game. The back and forth between arguably the two best franchises from the end of the decade was a great World Series

Number 7: 2015 Playoffs: Daniel Murphy

Murphy singlehandedly kept the Mets postseason alive. In every series, almost every game he came through and gave life to the offense.

Again, maybe this is too high on the list but again I don’t care. These moments flipped his career and got him paid!

#6: 2016 World Series: Rajai Davis Home Run

Champman was in for the eighth inning of Game 7 and Davis was even in the count at 2-2. He was choked up on the bat and hit a 98 mph fastball to left.

It ultimately didn’t matter, but this is moment that I will never forget where I was for.

#5: Derek Jeter’s Last Game in Yankee Stadium

Jeter was the face of Yankee baseball, and although this decade was not their finest, the Captain had put in his time. No better way to script this type of moment for him.

I am glad the baseball world has done a 180 on him since leaving the Bronx Bombers. His tenure as an executive has been atrocious so we will always have that to laugh at.

#4: 2011 World Series: Cardinals Down to Final Strike

David Freese and the Cardinals were one strike away from losing the World Series at home. David Freese hit a ball off the right-field wall that was misplayed by Nelson Cruz.

The two tying runs scored and the game went into extras, and Freese came up to hit again in the bottom of the 11th.

Number 3: 2013 ALCS: David Ortiz Game Tying Grand Slam

The image of Torii Hunter’s legs next to the Boston Cop’s arm is a legendary image as well, but grand slams in playoffs are awesome.

I also am a sucker for a curtain call, David Ortiz was awesome to watch and this moment a top three moment in the last decade.

Number 2: 2016 Cubs

This was a close second, but breaking the longest championship drought in MLB came to end after a wild game 7.

100 years of pain and suffering for Cubs fans came to an end that night after a rain delay and a blown save. The back and forth high scoring game came to an end, but Anthony Rizzo putting the baseball in his pocket after recording the final out is an all time move.

Number 1: 2015 NLDS: Jose Bautista Bat Flip

This is without a doubt my number one MLB moment of all time. The single image at the top of this page to me felt like a gigantic change in baseball. This entire 7th inning was wild, and rewatching the two errors again reminded me of how bad the Rangers chocked in the field.

The bat flip, goal horn, and the popcorn or whatever is blocking the initial crowd shot all combined made this a no-brainer for me, but I am open to discuss on twitter.

HM: Dee Gordon 2016 Home Run

I teared up a little watching this when it initially happened. The weirdest part about this entire game was the fact that it almost didn’t happen. If the Mets weren’t in a postseason race the game would have been canceled.

Everyone wearing #16 and Fernandez on their back was a nice touch.

HM: USA Chants in Citizen’s Bank

Osama bin Laden was dead and the fans in Philly found out while in the middle of a tied game in the ninth.

No matter what team you were rooting for, everyone felt like smiling in that moment.

HM: Odor Punch

Nothing like an old-school baseball fight. Odur’s punch had the internet ablaze. He threw such a nice punch and Bautista’s glasses go flying.

This was after the bat flip from my number one from this list MLB moments, but couldn’t leave this off the top 10 post.








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