Tom Coughlin
(Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

We may not have seen the last of Tom Coughlin!

The soon to be 70 year old coach is itching to get back into coaching. While Tom Coughlin won’t be a head coach in 2016, he is hoping he gets another chance in the near future.

“I’ve coached 47 years of my life,” Coughlin told Peter King of The MMQB on Sunday night. “You take it away, and that’s not an easy thing to duplicate.”

With the upcoming OTA’s it is no wonder why Coughlin is getting a hankering for getting back on the field. After spending 20 seasons as an NFL head coach (8 with Jacksonville, 12 with the Giants) he understands that given his age we may have seen the last of Coughlin as a head coach.

“We’ll see,” he said. “It’ll take two to tango. The 70-year-old-man stuff will be a factor, and I’m sure they’ll know this would be a three- or four-year thing. … They’ll have to know the guy. If I have an opportunity to speak to anyone (about a coaching job), they’ll see what I’d be able to do for them.”

Expect interest in Coughlin to come possibly midseason if a team fires their coach during the season. Known as a disciplinarian, the best fit could be a young team who needs Tom Coughlin to spark a fire in them. The Tennessee Titans are one team that comes to mind.