Ryan Tannehill
The Titans signed up for mediocrity with Ryan Tannehill. One outlier season doesn’t change the fact that Tennessee paid a premium for average. (Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

The Titans Signed Up For Mediocrity With Ryan Tannehill

The curse if very, very much alive. The worse curse of all is being stuck. The Titans just signed up for mediocrity with Ryan Tannehill. Tennessee had a decision to make at the quarterback position and they stuck with their guy who got them to a magical AFC Title run. The problem is, the chance that happens again is close to zero. The curse is ALIVE! Ryan Tannehill and the Titans agreed to a new 4-year contract worth $118 million.

Jeff Darlington of ESPN was the first with the full details on the story.

It also appears that the Titans front loaded the contract with the guaranteed money. Probably a smart thing to do since you don’t want to get stuck with him later in the contract. The Titans gave $118 million to Tannehill who never threw for more than 27 touchdowns in his entire career.

One would assume that the franchise tag is coming for Derrick Henry. The Titans were a power running team in 2019. They would be foolish to let him go. In both of the Titans playoff wins, Tannehill threw for fewer than 100 yards in each game. Tennessee now moves all of its focus towards Henry.

Tannehill got paid! The Titans got the 6th highest guarantee at the position now ahead of Kirk Cousins and behind Matt Ryan. It was a crazy season for Tannehill. He started the season as Marcus Mariota’s backup, basically didn’t fight for the job, and then went on one of the wildest runs a back up ever has.

Tannehill had a season for the ages. 70.3 percent while leading the league in yards per attempt and passer rating. Now Tannehill has to do that again… and again…. and again. For a quarterback that was so average the Dolphins gave him away for nothing is a scary thought. Especially when 2019 came out of nowhere in a new offense.