TimberWolves Offseason Needs
Sue Ogrocki/Associated Press

First off, I want to clown on the TimberWolves twitter account for trying to mock everyone for saying the TimberWolves would be bad. That horrendously backfired and they had the 3rd worst record in the NBA. The tweet is a meme itself but that pretty much sums up the entirety of the TimberWolves. The Wolves shouldn’t be as bad as they were, but they do have some needs. Here are the TimberWolves offseason needs for the 2020 offseason.

Get Some Defense

The TimberWolves did save themselves some trouble during the NBA season. They traded Andrew Wiggins away. His contract is horrendous and a bad fit for them, in return, they got D’Angelo Russell, a scoring machine. The addition of Malik Beasley is helpful as well. He is a solid player on both ends of the floor. The bad news is that they traded away defensive stud Robert Covington away. That was a big mistake. It wouldn’t have been bad if they committed fully to a rebuild (their ongoing one) but they getting Russell doesn’t make sense in that aspect. Also, are we just going to dismiss the fact that Russell can’t play a lick of defense? KAT is a loser and doesn’t play defense either. This team was not defensive to start out with and they got much worse on that end. So, step 1 for them is to get some defense and a lot of it.

Get A Pass-First Point Guard

The second step of the TimberWolves offseason needs is getting a pass-first PG. The TimberWolves have two great scoring options in D’Angelo Russell and Karl Anthony-Towns. Now, you just need someone to distribute the ball to them. I’m sure these players can make opportunities for themselves, but it is easier when someone is feeding you the ball. They could get a defensive guard and a pass-first guard and they could be cooking, but good luck with that. Getting that guard will help the Wolves offense tremendously. Not only can he feed DLo and KAT, but he can also open up the offense to other players if they focus on DLo and KAT.

Backup Center

Good Lord, do they need one. I couldn’t tell you the guy that backs up KAT, doesn’t matter, he’s garbage and not worth mentioning. They have some good young talent at the wings and for their guards, but they need some talent at Center. As long as he is promising, then the Wolves should pursue him. When KAT comes off the floor is when things go bad to worse for the TimberWolves. When your stars come off the floor to rest, you’d like to think your team will be okay for a few minutes, that can’t happen with the Wolves.

The TimberWolves offseason needs for 2020 go as follows: Get some defense, get a pass-first guard, get a backup center. Coincidentally, that should be in order for the Wolves, actually switch the guard and the center. Yeah, that’s better. Regardless, they desperately need some good defense on that team. That should be who they get in Free Agency and who they should be looking at to draft. That alone will make this team so much better than what they were this year. They’ll easily beat 20 games by just adding defense, after that, I could see as much as 35 wins for the Wolves if they do what I’ve instructed here. But regardless of what they do, they won’t be playoff ready next year.