Gleyber Torres
It’s blatantly obvious Gleyber Torres can’t play shortstop. It’s time for the Yankees to trade Torres for someone that can actually play the position. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Yankees Need To Trade Gleyber Torres

You should never panic over April baseball. Then again, I think something needs to be said about the New York Yankees. They’re an imperfect jigsaw puzzle that’s in more trouble than anyone wants to admit. Gleyber Torres is the epitome of what the Yankees represent. Talented but an imperfect fit that has often been the reason why New York falls short year after year when it counts.

It’s time to trade Gleyber Torres. Brian Cashman can put it off as long as he wants, but Torres is not capable of playing shortstop. It’s just a cold stone fact. The second the Yankees signed DJ LeMahieu to an extension this offseason, it put the nail in the coffin of Torres. He’s not long for this roster, or shouldn’t be.

Recently, Joel Sherman of the New York Post floated an idea the Yankees should probably consider. Could the Yankees flip Torres to Colorado for Trevor Story?

“But I think the Yankees should call the Rockies today and offer Gleyber Torres for Trevor Story, because Torres’ defensive deficiencies at shortstop are not from a small sample size.

Do I think the Yankees will do this? No. They have become more coldly logical over the years and will not trade a talented 24-year-old who cannot be a free agent until after the 2024 season for a player in his walk year. Not when they can wait until the offseason and just buy Story or, probably better, Corey Seager, who not only would solve their shortstop problem, but also would offer a needed high-end lefty bat.

That, though, would not impact the Yankees until the 2022 season. They are win-now and must ask if they can win a championship in 2021 with Torres at short. Story is a superb defender, a better baserunner than Torres and probably a better hitter, too. DJ LeMahieu and Nolan Arenado, in his early Cardinals days, have shown a good hitter is a good hitter, even outside of the high altitude of Coors Field.”

On the surface, it may seem like a great idea for the Yankees. Then again, the truth of the matter is, Torres has more trade value. Not necessarily because Torres is better but because of the years of control. Story, 28, is in his walk year and will hit free agency following the end of this season. Torres, 24, won’t become a free agent until after the 2024 season. BIG difference.

Sure, the Yankees could just wait a year and acquire Story via free agency next year. However, there’s three things that are undeniable for the Yankees.

A: Gleyber Torres is a nightmare as a defensive shortstop.

B: This is a win now team. There is no time to wait.

C: Acquiring Story now would eliminate any loss of a draft pick by signing him this Winter.

Why not expand the deal? Sherman mentioned adding Deivi Garcia and German Marquez. The Yankees have zero reliable starters behind Gerrit Cole. Marquez would go a long way towards helping their pitching staff.

Gleyber Torres can’t play shortstop. It’s undeniable at this point. In fairness to Torres, he came up as a second baseman with the Cubs. New York then decided to sign LeMahieu and cut loose Didi Gregorius. Torres never asked for this. He was supposed to be the second baseman of the future. The Yankees are asking something of him he was supposed to never do.

Cashman created an imperfect lineup with filled right handed power bats and one that lacks defensive versatility. Sure, there are other solutions. Flipping Torres for an infielder that can actually play shortstop seems like the most logical one. This is the reality. The Yankees regime can either acknowledge it or continue to face the consequences.