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Its a new week and that means another new episode of the Tanndemonium Sports Show!

The Most Disrespected Undefeated Team In Sports?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 8-0, yet they have been disrespected heavily by the national sports media. Meanwhile the 8-1 Kansas City Chiefs also narrowly squeaked a victory this past week, and they’re being heralded as the best of the best! Double standard or fair?

The Upcoming NBA Season

It’s official! The NBAPA has voted and the new NBA season will start 12.22.2020 in a 72 game season. Bryan and JLaw will discuss this new development.

The New Generation of Consoles Are Here

Sports gaming is moving into the new generation with the release of the Xbox One X releasing this week, and the Playstation 5 on its way. Is it a good idea to jump on the train now, or should we wait? Bryan and JLaw discuss their opinions this week.

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