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The Life Of Pablo: I Will Not Tolerate Any Slander Of This Kanye Classic

The Life Of Pablo

The Life Of Pablo
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The Life Of Pablo: I Will Not Tolerate Any Slander Of This Kanye Classic

Alex Chick has said some questionable stuff before, like Ben Roethlisberger has “sky-high fantasy potential in 2021 questionable. Looking at his view on the Joe Mixon Fantasy debate, it is clear that this isn’t our first disagreement. However, I can usually let things like that slide. Not this time. A few days ago, he crossed the line and made a blasphemous statement regarding Kanye West’s 7th studio album, The Life Of Pablo. I’ll let you read for yourself.

Alex Chick III

Kanye hasn’t been amazing since MBDTF though

Aarav Raina


Alex Chick III

Had some good songs but as a whole not impressive

Excuse me, what? “As a whole not impressive.” Sounds a lot more like you’re talking about your mediocre team in the Raiders, Alex. The Life Of Pablo is an extremely diverse album with all sorts of impressive songs with different genres infused into it. With brilliant production as we have come to expect on Kanye projects, as well as tremendous features and some incredible choruses, The Life Of Pablo is one of the most complete albums in hip-hop history.

The album’s collection of hits honestly shocked me at first listen. I couldn’t believe how Kanye had managed to put together a 20 track album together with such a small number of underwhelming songs. Honestly, the Chickster’s comments make me think he either hasn’t heard the album completely, or he needs a re-listen to jog his memory on how special Kanye West’s 7th studio album truly was.

To start, “Ultralight Beam” is arguably the greatest opening track in hip-hop history. The gospel influence in Kanye’s heavenly chorus coupled with probably the best verse Chance the Rapper has ever written makes it a spectacular introduction to the project. “Father Stretch My Hands, Pt 1.” is another standout song in the early part of the album. Kid Cudi’s majestic hook, Kanye’s slick verse, and top-notch production all around makes it impossible not to vibe this song.

Moving on, the song “Famous” is unapologetically Kanye in a nutshell. He makes it clear to everyone that he is most definitely the sole reason for Taylor Swift’s fame (Sorry Swifties) and manages to produce a banger at the same time. “Famous” is not only a high point of the album but truly a revolutionary song in Kanye’s entire discography, considering the meaning and venom behind it.

Other songs like” Feedback,” “Fade,” and “Wolves” may be more of an acquired taste, but each of the 3 tracks has unique production, and I definitely see the appeal for all of them. “I Love Kanye,” while not being a real song, still manages to be a fantastic 44 second addition to the project.

The heart of the album includes a 3 track run that is truly exceptional. “Waves” gets your head bopping immediately and then the Chris Brown feature just elevates the song to a whole new level. The next two songs in “FML” and “Real Friends” are far more emotional than the rest of the album, but the quality doesn’t drop off one bit. The Weeknd’s chorus on “FML” adds a brilliant splash to Kanye’s impeccable verses, and Kanye drops some extremely hard-hitting bars with a catchy chorus himself on “Real Friends.”

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the album most definitely has its low lights. Literally. Songs like “Low Lights,” “Freestyle 4,” and “Pt 2.,” which was really just a remix of Desiigner’s hit song “Panda,” all failed to impress and do seem like filler tracks to an extent. Considering it’s a twenty song project, dropping a few of these songs could have elevated this album into the same tier as Kanye’s most critically acclaimed project, My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy (MBDTF). It is awfully close to that tier, in my opinion, though, even with these underwhelming tracks.

The final few songs on the album confirm The Life Of Pablo as a true classic in the hip-hop world. “30 Hours” provides us with some of Kanye’s wittiest lines on the entire project. “No More Parties In LA” gives hip-hop fans a much-awaited collaboration with renowned rapper Kendrick Lamar. As one can imagine, a song with two of the greatest hip hop artists of all time did not fail to impress. Lastly, “Saint Pablo” really brought the entire album together with hard-hitting verses by Kanye as well as bits of gospel influence sprinkled through the song.

Essentially, the album is full of tracks that are perfect for the moments when you’re in the car with your friends and the windows are rolled down. I highly recommend giving the album a listen if you already haven’t. As for Alex Chick II, I’d suggest he grabs his pink headphones that make him look like a masculine Hello Kitty and give The Life Of Pablo a re-listen. If the album somehow isn’t of your taste, at least remember one thing. Kanye did make her famous.


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