The Last Dance
Is The Last Dance the best sports documentary of all-time? I’m not sure there’s another documentary that even compares. (ESPN Film)

The first step to fixing the problem is admitting there is a problem. I’m here to admit I cannot stop watching The Last Dance. I’m currently watching the documentary for the fourth time. However, it’s time to start the question. Is The Last Dance the best sports documentary ever?

A lot of the ESPN 30 for 30’s are great but they’re only an hour long. The Last Dance is over eight hours long. The best part is it doesn’t feel that long. The episodes just fly and it leaves you wanting more each time. The eight plus hours of watching it feels like an hour tops.

I can’t even think of another sports documentary that compares to it. Especially not one that delivers through that amount of time. We need to appreciate the work of art that was done here.

We’re also watching the golden era of basketball. Now guys get called for fouls for getting sneezed on. Back then just watching Bill Laimbeer and Rick Mahorn smack dudes around brings back the warm and fuzzies. Were never getting that type of basketball again but we can at least enjoy it in the documentary.

If you want to go behind the curtains of one team in NBA history, it’s these Bulls. Michael Jordan played against the legends of Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Clyde Drexler, Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant, etc. Who’s going to be in LeBron’s documentary him beating up on DeMar DeRozan? BORING!

The things that happened back then will never happen again. Scottie Pippen grows up in a town of nine, in a house with two crippled family members, becomes the team’s water boy at an NAIA school and becomes an NBA superstar. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN TODAY.

You know what happens today? Kids play in these AAU tournaments, become buddies with everyone, and apologize for putting a pinky finger on a guy. We’re never getting success stories like Scottie Pippen again.

Think about Dennis Rodman during the Twitter era (who should be mentioned is my favorite player of all-time). Nobody plays defense or rebounds like that guy anymore. We’re talking a guy who took a midseason hiatus to Vegas to party. Could never get away with it today with the losers on Twitter. There would be cameras everywhere.

I’ve barely even brought up Michael Jordan. Will we ever see another player with his fire and determination cursing out his teammates because he wants to win at all costs? The man is the GOAT for a reason. He was so bored he went and played baseball and we get to see all of it. No other sports documentary compares to The Last Dance.

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