Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers Have A Serious Problem in 2021

The Aaron Rodgers versus the Green Bay Packers saga continued as Aaron did not show up to the team’s OTAs. I fully understand Rodgers not showing up because why would he? He has been the quarterback of the Packers for 16 years and I’m sure he knows how to run Matt LaFleur’s offense. Now Rodgers not showing up would have been ideal for the Packers as they could have given Jordan Love all the snaps in OTA’s because I think he might stink. But the real problem is not Rodgers not showing up, but rather the Packers’ top 5 wide receivers also skipping OTAs. Davante Adams had a $600,000 workout bonus. I do not care who you are, that is a lot of money to give up, so this move by the Packers receivers is not monetarily driven. Do I think this was coordinated? Yes. Do I agree with what Rodgers and the receivers are doing? 1000%.

GM Brian Gutekunst and President Mark Murphy took a calculated risk and shorted Aaron Rodgers’s career. They took a gamble that he would regress, so they traded up to get Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 draft. Fast forward a year later, and Aaron won the NFL MVP. Meanwhile, Jordan Love looks like he sucks, and that pick looks like a miss by the Packers.

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The Green Bay Packers are one of the more unique franchises in sports. They have an extremely loyal fan base, they consistently win, and they do not have a true owner. Without having an owner who can help facilitate these types of things, it is hard to really know who is in charge in Green Bay. For example, if Dak Prescott had an issue with the Cowboys general manager, Jerry Jones is going to do whatever he wants to mediate the situation because Jerry is not going to lose his franchise quarterback. In Green Bay, Mark Murphy and Brian Gutekunst may run the front office, but there is not one person for the Packers that can mediate this situation.

There would be a fix to this problem if you had an owner. It may not be simple, but Aaron Rodgers would show up to OTAs tomorrow. The fix is you would fire Gutekunst and Murphy without blinking an eye. Rodgers went on SportsCenter and talked with Kenny Mayne about the situation. He praised his teammates, the coaching staff and even said he liked Jordan Love. It was clear that Rodgers was upset with the front office as he praised every member of the Packers organization besides the front office. That front office needs to realize that guys like Murphy and Gutekunst are so much more replicable than Aaron Rodgers.

I think what Rodgers is asking for is simple, but I do not know if this relationship can be mended. Rodgers said he did not mind the Jordan Love pick and even said he likes the kid. Rodgers wants the same respect and communication that guys like Patrick Mahomes get in Kansas City, what Tom Brady gets in Tampa Bay, and even what Russell Wilson gets in Seattle. Mahomes and the Chiefs got mauled by Tampa Bay and their defense in the Super Bowl. The story of the game was Kansas City’s lackluster offensive line. What did they do in the off-season? They signed a completely new and expensive offensive for their star quarterback. Tom Brady and Tampa Bay, after winning the Super Bowl, brought back all 22 starters on both sides of the ball. Even Russell Wilson, who expressed he was upset with Seattle, got a new tight end in Gerald Everett and an upgraded offensive line. Rodgers has been a top-five quarterback for like 8 years now, and you cannot give the guy another wide receiver or star free agent? Shame on you, Green Bay Packers. I am fully on Rodgers’s side and cannot wait to see how this situation unfolds.

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