The Dallas Cowboys Aren't Trying
(Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

Without two quarterbacks and down to the third-string quarterback, the Dallas Cowboys aren’t trying, and it’s leading to terrible football being played. While not having your QB1 will ruin a team’s morale, it won’t to the point of losing 25-3 to the Washington Football Team. Which was a terrible loss seeing as many people had this team winning the division.

Dak Prescot Is Out

With a reliable backup in Andy Dalton, not all hope was gone once Dak went down. After all, he is a three-time pro bowler. Once Dalton was in, there was still some hope; he had 452 yards, one touchdown, and three interceptions. This wasn’t the same Andy Dalton fans were used to seeing.

The Injury

In the third quarter of Week 7, Andy Dalton decided to scramble. He ended up making one of the worst decisions of his career by doing so. To end the play, Jonathan Bostic of the Washington Football Team flew in as Dalton was sliding and hit a cheap shot that looked like it would take Dalton’s head off.

Team Equals Brotherhood?

When a kid signs up to play football, one of the first things he’s taught is your team is your family. That message is kept at every competitive level of football. So my question is, why did nobody on the Cowboys stand up for Dalton when he was cheap shotted. Football always has revenge, no matter how leagues say. Suppose one team’s quarterback is injured cheaply. Then that team will hunt down the opposing team’s player and will get him back. Yet nobody even stepped up to defend Dalton.

The Dallas Cowboys Aren’t Trying And Even Richard Sherman Sees It

In not defending their teammate, the whole world has something to say. Including Super Bowl-winning corner Richard Sherman. “If you’re in Tampa and that happens to Tom Brady, that guy doesn’t make it off the field.” I agree with Sherman. The lack of team chemistry and willingness to work as a unit is costing the Cowboys.