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The Chiefs Sign 49ers Player and Former 49ers Coach During 2021

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t made significant trades during their offseason because they are focusing on offering free agent 49ers players and former assistant coaches contracts after back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.

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Trent Williams

Williams was a free agent this upcoming 2021 season, but he was willing to see the 49ers’ offer before signing with a different team. The offensive tackle said he sent a text to head coach Kyle Shanahan about the Kansas City Chiefs’ offer.

“Once I got the hunch that K.C. seemed like they were ready to make it official, I called Kyle. I couldn’t even get it out and just tell him, but I was just like, ‘Hey man, we need to hurry this up, if you get my drift.”


The Chiefs must have offered Trent Williams a fat contract for him to even consider leaving the 49ers since Williams previously stated how he wanted to stay with the 49ers, especially after developing an 11-year relationship with Kyle Shanahan and viewing him “like family.”

Williams also mentioned the love, hate relationship he had with the Chiefs’ contract offer.

“I thought I would either get a lot of money and be somewhere I hated to be or I would be somewhere I love to be playing for a discount,” Williams said.


Since the 49ers and Shanahan panicked with the unknown and huge contract the Chiefs offered Williams, the team offered him the largest contract for him to become the highest-paid offensive lineman in NFL history to secure his spot as a 49er. He agreed to a six-year extension for a $138 million deal on March 23.

Jerick McKinnon

McKinnon was signed to the 49ers with a four-year $30 million contract and missed two seasons due to an ACL injury. This previous season was McKinnon’s break-out season with the 49ers; he had 81 rushing attempts for 319 yards. McKinnon who made it clear that he didn’t want to stay on the 49ers after Deebo Samuel asked him if he was planning to return, was offered a veteran contract with the Chiefs.

Katie Sowers

When she was an offensive assistant coach for the 49ers, Sowers was the first woman to coach in a Super Bowl game in 2020. According to Bleacher Report, she first started as a seasonal offensive assistant coach in 2017 and then became the second woman to ever have a full-time coaching position. Her contract expired at the end of the 2020 season and it was not renewed. The Chiefs offered her a coaching spot for this upcoming 2021 season.

The Chiefs keep offering free agent 49ers players and now former 49ers coach contracts to sign with their team because the Chiefs see the 49ers as a threat, especially during a potential Super Bowl matchup. The last known free agent the 49ers have left is cornerback Richard Sherman. The Chiefs are more than likely working on offering him a deal and securing another former 49er on their roster.

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