The All Day Every Day Show

The All Day Every Day Show is finally here! Vendetta’s newest podcast celebrates their new home with a great 12th episode. Hosts Alex Jacobs and Manny Ruffin interview Philadelphia’s Action News Sports Director Ducis Rodgers, along with discussion about Masters weekend and Joe Musgrove. The ADEDS hosts are also joined by new producer Christian Lathrope.

Ducis Rodgers joins the show to discuss his career within the world of sports action reporting, and gives many anecdotes of his time in Philadelphia along with his early life in Chicago. Ducis was also able to give great advice for those who are looking to start a career similar to his. We would like to thank Ducis for taking time out and speaking to us, truly a great person working in a great field.

The Masters have come and gone but what a great one it was. AJ and Manny discuss the winner Hideki Matsuyama and where there bets may have gone wrong. Joe Musgrove has thrown the first no hitter in San Diego Padres history! The guys discuss what this means for Musgrove and if the Padres can continue their hot streak.


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