That’s Some Cheese – Episode 94 – 2.2.21

That’s Some Cheese is back with episode 94. We have a great show for you all today. Get ready for some baseball, football, and… HOCKEY talk?

In the first half of the show, our guy Anthony Fontanello joins the show. We talk about the MLB offseason. The opening rant is about the Nolan Arenado trade. We then dive into the state of the Yankees and Red Sox. The first 37 minutes of the show is MLB centric with Anthony.

The second half of the show we welcome on my good friend Matt Durich. He is a lifelong Bucs fan so we had to get him on the show. How are the Bucs in the Super Bowl? Can Tom Brady really pull this thing off? Does Tampa Bay actually have the better overall roster? Does Andy Reid have a pathway to becoming the greatest coach in NFL history? We dive into a ton of Super Bowl storylines.

At the 58 minute mark, it’s time to talk some hockey. In case you haven’t heard, Trey is a hockey guy now. I used to love hockey when I was little but I lost touch with the game after the lockout. I’m now in a fantasy hockey league and I can’t get enough.

For the kids keeping score at home, I’ve watched maybe 15-20 hockey games this year and 1 NBA game. It’s going to stay that way for a while. We go over my fantasy league and other storylines around the NHL. Get ready. Trey is about to become really invested in hockey.