That’s Some Cheese returns with host Trey Daubert with a different style show. Ding, ding! It’s time for a real debate. Colin Cowherd went on his show recently and talked about why the Celtics are better without Kyrie Irving. He couldn’t be more wrong so I decided to debate him. The Celtics are not better without Kyrie Irving. You would have to be an idiot to think that could possibly be the case. Let me know who the winner of the debate is!

Kyrie Irving ON FLOOR – Offensive Rating: 113.8 across 1,526 minutes

Kyrie Irving OFF FLOOR – Offensive Rating: 105 across 1,278 minutes

Irving on the floor offensive rating numbers would rank 2nd in the NBA behind Milwaukee and ahead of Golden State. Essentially the Celtics offense would be more prolific than the Warriors if Kyrie Irving played the entire game. When Kyrie isn’t on the floor, the Celtics offensive rating dips to 27th behind the Cleveland Cavaliers. Nothing more to see here…

Kyrie Irving ON FLOOR – Net Rating: +8.9

Kyrie Irving OFF FLOOR – Net Rating: +1.8

The Celtics are not better without Kyrie Irving. Actually, they are significantly worse when he isn’t on the floor. The fact that people are actually debating such a thing shows how stupid or bored the NBA media is. By the way, the Celtics are 2-2 against playoff teams without Kyrie Irving. The other wins are against non-playoff teams. The numbers Cowherd uses, With and Without include minutes where Kyrie plays but sits on the bench. That would belong in his With category. Again, not an accurate portrayal on the truth.

Cowherd also suggests that leaving LeBron James was a mistake. Also, Kyrie was kind of a bust before LeBron arrived? Again, neither of which is true.

LeBron reunited with the Cavs during the 2014-2015 NBA season. At the age of 20 and 21 during Irving’s second and third year in the NBA, Kyrie made the All-Star team both years. That was prior to LeBron’s arrival. I’m not sure if Cowturd understands what a bust is but busts do not make All-Star appearances in the NBA at the age of 20 and 21. Again, another idiot point.

Cowherd continues to persist that leaving LeBron was a mistake. Again, not true.

Irving’s numbers during his tenure with the Cavs:

Field Goal Percentage (.457) – 3-Point Percentage (.383) – Assists (5.5) – Turnovers (2.7)

Irving’s numbers during his tenure with the Celtics:

Field Goal Percentage (.494) – 3-Point Percentage (.408) – Assists (5.9) – Turnovers (2.5) I should also point out that he’s obviously handling the ball more in Boston while decreasing his turnovers…

It gets better. I will now post Irving’s averages with the Cavs while LeBron was on the team.

Field Goal Percentage (.465) – 3-Point Percentage (.387) – Assists (5.2) – Turnovers (2.45)

Using Irving’s numbers just during the time LeBron was his teammate proves that Irving has been better with the Celtics. In fact, if you dive into the numbers deeper, you could probably argue with a definitive case that LeBron stunted Irving’s growth and absolutely made him worse. Not arguable and already has been factually proven.

Is there an idiot in the world that agrees with Colin? Hey Cowturd! How about you take this L…

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