Garrett Burroughs
Is Trey Daubert the best boss in the world? Garrett Burroughs thinks so and I thank him in a detailed blog.

Thank You, Garrett Burroughs. Vendetta Sports Media Will Always Provide Unlimited Vacation Days

I was snoozing at the time but I somehow almost missed the fact that Garrett Burroughs had some nice words to say about me. In fact, his words hit home, that I had to make a blog post out of it. On the most recent episode of the fantasy show, Garrett buttered me up a bit at the end.

Story Time.

Today was a bit of a controversial day so the timing on this worked out beautifully. Former intern Dave quit because of “Toxicity” “Disrespect” and “embarrassment”. You know what? I don’t give a single flying fuck. The words Dave should have used were “Liar” because that’s exactly what he is.

The Lead Word episode this past week didn’t get published on time. His excuse? He thought a Sunday football preview show was supposed to be published on Monday. NOPE. I can live with mistakes. I can’t live with liars.

Buying unsalted butter at the grocery store is a mistake. Having a fact wrong in a blog is a mistake. Lying about when a video is supposed to be published? That’s not a mistake. That’s ignorant and you sure as shit better believe I will return the favor. You bet your ass I become very toxic at that point. If Dave had just said he messed up, it would be the end of the story and I would have let it go. Thought it should have gone out on Monday despite being told the deadline was on Saturday? Nah. I’ll react accordingly.

Did I comment on his Tweet? Yup. Did I post The Lead Word video calling him out? Yessir. Did I call him out again in Slack? Yes. Did I take credit for having a bee sting him? Also, yes. The message is and has been clear. Show me or this company a lack of respect? I’ll return the favor ten times worse.

That goes the same the other direction. Anybody that I feel will run through a brick wall for me or this company, I will return the favor ten times harder. I will not lie, I got a little emotional watching Garrett’s video. This is a GREAT fucking place to work and I don’t care what anybody says.

Vendetta Sports Media for as long as I’m alive will always provide unlimited vacation days. Always. That goes for people who are on payroll or future contracted employees. If Garrett wants to take a three week vacation when he’s salaried here, he will be paid the same amount regardless of if he’s on vacation or not. Need to take care of medical or family issues? Take whatever time you need. That will always be a company policy. No questions asked.

The only thing I do ask is when it’s time to work, you do your job and communicate. That’s it. If I hear from you, you’re good in my book. Communicate. That’s it. I don’t ask for anything more.

I’ll say this right now too. Jeremy Rinaldi and Kam Moos… I’m calling both of you out. It’s one thing to be a bum who doesn’t do any work for the site. That doesn’t bother me. It’s another to claim you’re going to do things and fail to come through. Liars, Cigarette chain smokers, and flies… I become irrational about.

Where is your post on Elijah Mitchell, Jeremy? Where are your SimBull posts you agreed to do Kam? That’s when I become heated. Bet your ass both of you will be on the next Survivor list. I don’t have time for people like you.

End of blog.

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