Tee Party
Artwork by Glen Volpe (IG: gv_art_and_designs)

The Tee Party boys are at The Springhaven Club in Wallingford, PA today using one of the brand new hitting bays. Shoutout to Davey Durags for giving manny and Sam some help with their swings. For some reason, probably because he is dog water, Sam could not hit the ball to save his life. Manny saw some improvements in his game throughout the session, and Alex just looked like a seasoned pro. The boys played a little match at Pebble Beach and a hole at Springhaven via the simulator. 

As always thank you guys so much for your supporting Tee Party and The All Day Every Day Show. Share our content with your friends so we can keep making videos for you guys!! Follow The All Day Every Day Show on all socials here, and check out some more videos on the YouTube channel! See you guys on the next tee!

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