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round seventeen

AFL 2021: Round Seventeen Matchups & Insights

An unusually long round seventeen of the AFL season saw games take place over five…

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round twelve

2021 AFL roundup: round twelve

2021 AFL roundup: round twelve Round twelve of the 2021 AFL season saw a reduced…

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round eleven

2021 AFL Roundup: round eleven

Round eleven of the 2021 AFL calendar marks the half way point of the season.…

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Round 4

2021 AFL Roundup: round four

Round four of the 2021 AFL season saw a clutch of tightly contested matches, with…

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AFL Round 1

AFL 2021 Roundup: Round 1

The 2021 AFL season kicked off this week and it felt….well….almost normal! After a season…

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Western Bulldogs

AFL 2021 team previews: Western Bulldogs

As the 2021 AFL season begins with the traditional opener between Carlton and Richmond, here…

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AFL 2021 Team Previews

AFL Team Previews for season 2021

For the first time in our history, Vendetta Sports Media are covering Australian football. To…

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