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Steve Cohen Is A Moron, The Mets Will Never Win With Him

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen is an absolute moron. The Mets will NEVER win with him. I don’t care how rich he is. The guy is an idiot. (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)

Steve Cohen Is A Moron, The Mets Will Never Win With Him

There are different ways to define smart. Einstein was considered a genius but he married his first cousin. Chalk it up however you want but anybody that marries their cousin is an idiot.

We’ve all heard the saying before, right? There is book smart and there is street smart. Mets owner Steve Cohen might be stupid rich but he’s dumber than rocks. It’s painfully obvious now the Mets will NEVER win anything with him as the owner.

Yes, I wrote an article about how the Mets should have hired me. I’m the only one that can save their franchise. However, since that time, Cohen already did something that would have made me turn the job down. Cohen needs a guy to tell him to shut up and just write checks. Stay off Twitter, you dope.

Uncle Stevie took to Twitter this morning crying and moaning about Steven Matz signing with the Cardinals. Apparently, it was reported that the Mets were given the chance to match the final offer. That did not happen and Matz just signed with the Cardinals without giving New York that chance. Cohen was not thrilled.

This is so sad, embarrassing, and pathetic for so many reasons.

A: You have now created a bad relationship with an agent. I’m the ultimate bridge burner, but this is borderline as dumb as it gets.

B: Matz owes you nothing. Did you forget that you traded him last year? For all intents and purposes, lost the trade too on basically every angle.

C: If I was running the team, I wouldn’t have matched the offer, and was probably smart to pass. So why are you throwing a hissy fit?

D: Cohen, you have been in baseball for a cup of coffee. I literally have more experience inside a MLB organization than you do (that’s a fact). You never made a shady deal in the business world? You sound like a pathetic cry baby. To suggest you haven’t seen something is a new layer of funny.

If Jerry Jones knew what Twitter was, he would be Cohen. The only difference is, Jerry at least has a smart son who is really good at drafting. Instead, Cohen has Sandy Alderson in his ear who doesn’t know anything about baseball. Somehow, if Al Davis and Jerry Jones had a baby with all of their worst qualities, it would be Uncle Stevie.

It’s one thing to have a loud mouth owner who should stay off Twitter. It’s another to have an owner who makes egregious decisions because he tries to win the room. The Francisco Lindor contract was a disaster from jump street. We knew the guy was overrated and Cohen handed the guy a contract like the one Jesus should deserve.

Cohen’s hiring track record is also laughable at this point. All of his employees are a reflection of him. Jared Porter? Zack Scott? Luis Rojas? All fired for different reasons. Now Cohen has decided that dope Billy Eppler gets to run the franchise.

Not going to lie, I laughed hysterically when it was announced Eppler was the new general manager. You know what? It’s perfect. Another former agent that doesn’t have a brain, nor a backbone. Eppler was the Angels’ gm from 2015-2020. Eppler had nothing to do with acquiring Mike Trout or Shohei Ohtani. He also didn’t make a single playoff appearance in a division where we don’t take anyone seriously minus Houston.

Eppler failed to acquire enough pitching to win. Actually, the word I should have used was ANY pitching. It’s why the Angels quite literally drafted a pitcher in every round of last year’s MLB Draft. Eppler made a big splash on Anthony Rendon, Andrelton Simmons, and Justin Upton. All of which look like bad decisions. The Mets got stuck with another dope because he’s the only guy in the boys club baseball circle that would have taken the job.

It’s painfully obvious that Cohen just doesn’t know baseball. Instead of doing the right thing and tearing things down to the studs (which should include trading Jacob deGrom) Cohen will convince himself the Mets can win with a faulty foundation. The prospect base isn’t strong enough. The pitching staff isn’t strong enough. The offense is stuck in the mud. Throwing money at the problem doesn’t solve the issue which is the exact method Cohen will take.

This is such a shame because the opportunity is there. The Yankees have lost their way and there is such a window here. Outside of Atlanta, nobody is really competitive in the NL East either. The Mets have totally blown it. We know the truth now. I don’t care how rich Steve Cohen is. The guy is an absolute moron.

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