Sterling Tottenham
Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling has made it clear that he wants no part of a deal that may send him to Tottenham. Can you blame him? (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Sterling Does Not Want a Move to Tottenham and I Do Not Blame Him

As the Harry Kane sweepstakes continue in England, the offers of cash and player swaps are bound to come forward, especially from clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea. The former prepared an offer earlier in the week for Kane at around £100 million, with potentially several City players included as well. Raheem Sterling was included on that list, and he has since made it apparent that he doesn’t want a move to Tottenham – at least to sources close to the situation, according to ESPN. And can you really blame him though?

To say that the London club is in disarray is an understatement. Contract negotiations with multiple managers have collapsed because of salary disputes, control – or the lack thereof- as well as just utter bottling by the lead staff at the club. The Hotspurs compete in the Premier League, but not at the level that their city rivals Chelsea and Arsenal have done. The fans expect a lot from their club, and despite having the EPL’s top scorer in Kane, the club still struggles in England and on the European stage.

But why is Sterling in this situation? Well, he has fallen out of favor at points throughout the season with manager Pep Guardiola at City, but the Englishman has had a stellar run of form thus far at the 2020 Euros. He has two goals in three matches and has been one of the few bright spots for an England squad that hasn’t looked as good as their undefeated record in the group stage would suggest.

With his stock once again rising, or rather at a similar level to his form a few years ago, you can certainly understand the winger’s frustration at an apparent move to Tottenham of all places. There’s no manager at the club, and chairman Daniel Levy isn’t willing to move Kane despite the striker’s open desire to leave the club. If I was Sterling and in the current run of form I’m having, I’d be just as insulted if this move was brought up.

But business is business, and if Guardiola no longer sees Sterling as a part of the future at City, then a move may be coming. For now, though, Sterling’s frustrations have been publicized and noted, and maybe that will move the needle in his favor.


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