Squid Game
Photo Credit via Netflix

Squid Game Is The Must Watch Netflix Show Of 2021

Unless you have been living under a rock that past two weeks then you have heard of the Netflix show that is taking over people’s viewing habits. Squid Game has quickly become the most popular show in the world and if you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend it.

The show was originally made in Korean and details a number of individuals who are on the brink of financial ruin, people who are millions of dollars in debt. 456 people including the main character, Gi-Hun, take the opportunity from an ambiguous organization offering them a chance to pay off their debt. All players competed in a series of six childhood games, those who beat the games would be rewarded with a big cash prize. From alliances to bad blood to unexpected betrayals, Squid Game has it all.

The show became the first Korean drama to reach the #1 spot on Netflix, it accomplished this feat only four days after its release. The show is “incredibly bingeable” and with only nine episodes you can breeze through episodes fairly quickly. A word of caution, the show is very gory with a fair amount of death. If you have the stomach for it, load up Netflix right now.

Best Way To Watch

As I mentioned earlier, the show was originally filmed in Korean. If you do choose to watch the show on Netflix you have the option to watch it with the original audio in Korean with English subtitles or an English dub version. As someone who watched episodes in both versions, I think the Korean audio with English subtitles offers the best viewing experience. The English dub version gets frustrating seeing the character’s mouth certain words only for them to say something that wasn’t remotely close to their facial expressions.


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