Smackdown Review11/13/2020
Roman Reigns was edited out of WrestleMania 31 footage this past Monday on Raw. CREDIT: WWE.COM

On this week’s Smackdown Review I’ll be going over some of the best matches of the week including the entry match of Survivor Series Natalya, Tamina Chelsea Green, and Liv Morgan. Along with the Final chapter of the Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio feud.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman Promo

Heyman states that the island of relevancy because Roman makes everyone relevancy. Made his cousin into a main eventer. Took down Bryan and beat Kevin Owens. States he will beat the secondary champion, Randy Orton. Drew McIntyre comes down to the ring says that Reigns will face McIntyre at Survivor Series. Makes fun of the last Paul Heyman guy Brock Lesnar who lost his championship to McIntyre.

Reigns said he is back and that nobody watched Raw because they’d rather watch him on Smackdown. Jey Uso comes down and asks McIntyre why he’s there and being disrespectful and challenges him to a match. Drew in response shoves Jey into the ropes and has choice words for Reigns. Afterward, Reigns yells at Uso for making a match for himself. 4/5 This got me and everyone hyped for Survivor Series where it looks like McIntyre will somehow get involved.

Sami Zayn vs Apollo Crews for Intercontinental title match

Sami Zayn was pissed that he had to defend against a beast of Apollo Crews but he’d get by. Zayn gets started on Crews but Crews takes advantage by using his power and size by throwing Zayn off the top turnbuckle. Used his flat out power to get a suplex then a moosault for a pin count of two. Zayn takes apron off stage. Zayn ties Crews leg up under the ring for a count-out win. 1.5/5. Terrible match they tried to get creative with the ending but they should’ve gone another couple of minutes.

Rey Mysterio Promo

Calls Seth Rollins out for attacking his family. Stated “he calls himself the messiah but I consider him the devil” and that he will send him back to hell 5/5. Got me excited for the match which would be a classic face versus heel match.

Sasha Banks Promo

Calls out haters for saying she couldn’t retain her Smackdown women’s championship. Calls out Carmella right as she gets started Bayley comes out then Carmella comes from behind and ambushes Sasha Banks. 3/5. Helps create a feud between Carmella and Banks that should be an interesting one.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode make fun of Otis

Loses Money in the Bank case because his best friend Tucker Betrayed him to the Miz. After that Otis flips a table. 1/5 Why is this a feud I thought this was ended at Wrestlemania?

Dolph Ziggler vs Otis

Dolph Ziggler slaps Otis which leads to Otis throwing Ziggler around like a rag doll along with ramming Ziggler into the corner. Ziggler takes advantage of Otis being distracted by Robert Roode. Hits a Zig Zag Otis kicks out reverses Ziggler and hits Caterpillar elbow drop. Leads to a pin for Otis to win. Afterward, Chad Gable offers to mentor Otis. Which Otis is happy with. 3/5. A Gable Otis team sounds intriguing but I’m not into it yet I want to see how this develops.

Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio The Final Chapter No Holds Barred

Rey Mysterio backs Rollins into the corner then Rollins reverses gets a couple of hits on him followed by a reversal by Mysterio. Mysterious kicks a chair out of Rollins’s hand then runs Rollins into the top turnbuckle. Rollins reverses and sends Rey into the steel steps. Rey reverses sending Rollins into the barrier. Then Rollins drops Mysterio on the announcer table. Rollins hits an elbow drop and a backbreaker on Mysterio. After a Mysterio kick out Rollins sets up. A chair in the corner of the ring. Rey gets a reversal and has momentum into a Rollins kick out at 2 ends the moment. Rollins throws Mysterio out of the ring and takes the steel steps and Rams them into Mysterio. Seth Rollins misses stomp reversed into Rollins going face-first onto steps. Rollins takes a table into the ring and sets it up. Mysterio kicks Rollins who then reverses and goes for the three amigos gets 2/3 suplexes in. Mysterio gets a couple of hits on Rollins for an opening but Rollins blocks and sends Mysterio through the table with a powerbomb off the top rope but Mysterio kicks out at 2.5. Seth takes the chair and takes the protective stopper off the chair and tries to take out Mysterios other eye but is pulled out by Dominick who is dropped kicked. Murphy gets Rollins the Chair and then dropkicks Rollins and then runs away. Mysterio hits 619 and frog splash for the win. Mysterio invites Murphy into the ring and gives him his approval to date his daughter. Along with hugging everyone in the Mysterio Family 5/5. The best thing of the night. The creative ending to go along with excellent performing. I love the ending and how the Murphy and Rollins feud is starting.

Natalya, Tamina, Chelsea Green, and Liv Morgan Fatal Four Way to be Apart of Team Smackdown.

Tamina takes advantage by using her size then Liv hits a missile dropkick onto Tamina. Natalya brutalizes Liv then Liv Reverses and gets Natalya to a 2.5 count again. Liv reverses Natalya’s sharpshooter then Natalya reversed again and puts Liv into a chin lock. Liv fights out of another sharpshooter. Tamina comes back in but Liv hits a facebuster and wins qualifying for team Smackdown. 3/5. I hated how it was Liv and Natalya for the majority the match should’ve gone longer.

Drew McIntyre vs Jey Uso

Drew gets Jey into a corner and they slowly wrestle until a shoulder tackle by McIntyre. McIntyre hits a suplex and covers but Jey kicks out. Jet gets momentum but a kick to the ribs ends it. Uso takes advantage and hammers on McIntyre. Uso hits a Samoan drop and covers put Drew kicks out. McIntire explodes out of the corner and hits a belly to belly throw. McIntyre hits a spine buster and then pins but a kick out then Jey hits a superkick. McIntyre is hung up but he gets out and throws Jey across the ring. Roman Reigns comes out and walks down to the ring and USO takes advantage by bouncing McIntyre off of everything outside the ring. Jey pounds McIntyre’s skull while he’s on the floor but Drew gets up hits a Claymore for the pin and the win. 4.5/5. Good overall match very physical an excruciating match to make it look like McIntyre will have apart in Survivor Series.

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