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SimBull NFL 2021 Full Team Breakdown: Washington Football Team

As we have done with 31 other teams before, we close our SimBull NFL full team breakdowns with the Washington Football Team. A team that has been stuck in mediocrity for years but now has a direction they are heading in and a promising young core, especially on defense. If they can figure out the quarterback question, this is a team that can make a lot of noise in the coming years. But is the $48 investment worth it on SimBull? We break that down here. If you want to check out our most recent post covering the Buccaneers, click here.

Biggest Reasons To Invest On SimBull NFL

The selling point on this team is their defense. They have playmakers all over the field, anchored by Chase Young coming off the edge. Their entire defensive line is very good, with a lot of speed at linebacker and a deep secondary core. The Football Team also has a lot of weapons on offense, headlined by Terry McLaurin, the newly signed Curtis Samuel, and a cast of others. While some on the site might have hated their draft this off-season, I disagree. I believe it was fine. They addressed many needs on this roster. This team is heading in the right direction, and all they need now is an actual team name.

Biggest Reasons To Avoid Investing On SimBull NFL

I do want to say at the start of this that I am a big believer in this team for the future. I love the pieces they have in place, and they are only a few away from being a real threat not only in the NFC East but the NFC in general. With that being said, their biggest need is at quarterback. I do like Taylor Heinicke, but can he lead a team for 17 games? Ryan Fitzpatrick will never be the answer. It is a position that has plagued this team for years now, and with no real answer right now, this stalls out their development. Unless they make a trade for someone like Deshaun Watson or prioritize finding someone in the draft, I have a feeling they will be stuck in this position of having a lot of potential but nothing to show for it.

My Opinion

This is tough for me, because like I mentioned above I really do like where this team is heading. Plus, playing in the god-awful NFC East means anyone can win that division. But their current price of $48 a share, 12th highest on SimBull NFL, has me skeptical in investing. If it were even a few dollars cheaper, I would tell you to buy and buy a lot. But with how high they are priced now, I cannot advise you to invest. However, as we grow closer to the start of the NFL season, keep an eye on their price. If it drops, grab as much as you can.

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