How should investors feel about Georgia in the SimBull CFB market? Read up on their full team breakdown to find out. (SimBull)

SimBull 2021 CFB Full Team Breakdown: The University Of Georgia

Welcome to Vendetta’s SimBull CFB full team breakdowns, where the writers from Vendetta Sports Media will be analyzing all the Power 5 college football programs for their share value on SimBull and next up is the University of Georgia.

2020 Record: 8-2

2021 Projected Win Total: 10.5

On The Field:

Forget about Alabama, the Georgia Bull…DAWGS are THE most talented team in college football. Don’t believe me? Dalvin Cook’s brother (James) is on the roster and he has 14 carries in three games while averaging 6.3 yards per carry. Nobody and I mean nobody has that kind of luxury except this team.

We know Kirby Smart recruits his ass off but JT Daniels has given Georgia a real quarterback. Smart has Georgia’s defense locked and loaded. Some fun names to watch on that side of the ball include 6-foot-6, 340 pound nose tackle Jordan Davis and former top ranked recruit Nolan Smith. Wait until you feast your eyes on Davis. I can promise you that you won’t see a guy that big ever run that fast.

Hey, if you need any more evidence, Georgia already beat Clemson so there’s that.

In The Market:

Georgia is currently priced at $56.15 per share on the SimBull CFB market. They are currently one slot lower than Iowa State… I mean c’mon. Do the math here… Georgia beat Clemson. Iowa State couldn’t even beat in-state rival Iowa. Who are you investing in?

Georgia is an enormous recruiting state and Kirby Smart has proven he can land big time prospects. Long term, you have to feel great about this stock as well.

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